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Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson press conference notes

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson talked to the media following the Seahawks big 13-12 win over the Cowboys. Here are some notes on what they had to say.

Coach Carroll:

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  • There were plenty of chances for this game to go either way. Had adversity, missing a field goal. The finish on both sides of the ball was exactly what we want. Richard Sherman played a fantastic game. Stellar game for Sherman. Ricardo Lockette will stay here over night, he will undergo tests, cleared for a concussion, he has a sore neck. He is pretty positive about it right now. Drive in the 4th quarter was really really big for us, a big finish. No sacks today, big accomplishment. There are areas we have to improve in, we've got the break coming up, chance to control this season. We will do it one week at a time. Last 2 weeks have been tough, physical, running the football, the defense playing at a high level, lots of communication, which is a really good sign for the second half of the year. We protected the QB today. Russ was able to stand in there and do his thing.

  • The last drive was all game plan, not improvised by Russell Wilson. Really great execution, Russ made some plays too (runs) on his own.

  • Richard Sherman is always amped up, not just for times he shadows the top WR. He is there to rise to the occasion though. So proud of him today. Competed exactly how we want him to.

  • What stood out the most was the love going to Ricardo from his teammates. He is a great kid who has been with us a long time.

  • We made it back to even, doesn't feel much different than last year. It is unfortunate that it takes us a while. It is an opportunity to observe where we have been. We are working our way through it. If we are able to put this 2nd half together like we plan on, we will be really proud of that. There is an impact of that last game (Superbowl). We feel like we are okay, we need to win every game anyway.

  • Feel like it is coming together, we get the drive when we need it, we get the stop when we need it. Those previous games we didn't get it done but we played great and were so close.

  • Didn't see Ricardo's hit but from what he heard it might be a hit that gets fined but not concerned about if it should have gotten a flag or not.

  • Trying to use our guy (about Jimmy Graham leading receivers today). Almost had a couple of other receptions too. He is a hell of a football player. There are other guys too that want the ball but he is a big factor, they continue to hook up.

  • Didn't finish off drives with scores in the end zone. Can get better there.

  • Didn't think we played great on offense, but played how we have to to win. We had some nice drives. We can get better, there are a lot of points out there for us. Give them credit, the Cowboys had to win that game.

  • It is good going into the bye week with a win. It is the half way point, gonna come out and see if we can do something about this season.

  • Chris Matthews, Luke Willson, Drew Nowak and Cliff Avril all turned their ankles. Alvin Bailey had a sore toe. Big day tomorrow figuring all that out before the bye.

  • Russell Okung looks good, it looks like an ankle that can recover so he should recover during the bye and be ready for the next game.

Russell Wilson:

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  • In the NFL there are no easy wins. It was a battle to the very end. Glad we could finish it for the win. Thought the defense was lights out tonight. Thought we could have been better on third down on offense, but when we needed it we got them and got the field goal. The offensive line was great, no sacks. Right before we had our drive Russ said "this is what we are here for". When you play a game like that you expect it to be a tight game. Really looks forward to having the game in his hands.

  • Wanted to move Jimmy all over the field. We want to find different ways to get him the football. He came up with 7 catches but should have had more. He is a winner, loves getting the ball, loves fighting for each guy, brings energy to the team. We have so many different guys, along with Marshawn Lynch.

  • The O-line keeps getting better, they take it to heart. Some of those sacks have been on Russ, others have been just getting beat by good players. One of the coolest parts of the night has been the confidence building. Lots of great fighters and athletes up there.

  • Always have to know where Greg Hardy is. He made a heck of a play on that one (INT). Just glad he got him down, doesn't think he has tackled anyone that big before. Thought we did a great job trying to block him.

  • The INT was a bang bang play. He made a great play, every once in a while it will happen, hopefully it won't happen again.

  • Luke Willson is so fast, can do so many different things for us. He continues to make plays for us. Luke has it all. And to play with Jimmy so he can grow, they can rely on each other.

  • Alvin Bailey has played al lot of big games for us. He has played in the Super Bowl, he has had to step in, sometimes he has started. He knows the scheme and offense really well. He is a guy that has been big for us the past few years. To have that depth to come in and block a tough DE is exciting.

  • Has to watch the film to see what we did well and could have done better. Thinks we are getting there, the confidence and passion in the locker-room. Every game is gonna be a tough one.

  • Saw Greg leap and touch the ball, then he ends up catching it, then has to think "How am I gonna get this big guy down?" and had to put all my strength to trip him up and slow him down.

  • Russ puts it on himself that he missed some throws and missed on third downs. Missed on some scramble plays too, could have had a really big game throwing the ball, especially to Doug.

  • To see Ricardo go down like that, this is a tough sport you never want to see anyone go down like that. It was a scary moment honestly, don't think he has seen something that scary in his career. Praying he is okay, that he gets healed up. Hoping he gets back to us quick. He said "Do it for me Russ! Do it for me Doug!", he cares so much he isn't even thinking about himself in that situation.

Relevant Tweets:

  • @mookiealexander Jimmy Graham on pace for 76 catches and 900 yards.
  • @mookiealexander Longest play for the Cowboys was a 24 yard run by Cassel. No other plays gained more than 15.
  • @JacsonBevens FIRST 3 QUARTERS: Cowboys: 49 plays, 200 yards, Seahawks: 43 plays, 194 yards. 4th QUARTER: DAL: 8 plays, 20 yards, SEA: 27 plays, 130 yards
  • Richard Sherman limited Dez Bryant to 2 recs, 12yds, 7 targets
  • @hawkblogger Darren McFadden managed just 3.2 YPC after 5.2 last week
  • @JacsonBevens Matt Cassel only targeted his WRs 9 times today. Completed 4 (44.4%) for 32 yards (3.5 YPA), and a passer rating of 53.9.
  • @bcondotta And now it's finally over as Sherman breaks up fourth down pass. Defense has not allowed a TD in 8 quarters.
  • @JoeDRobinson4 Russell Wilson Career Record: September/October: 18-12 (.600) -- November-January: 28-6 (.824)

My Thoughts:

  • Thank goodness Ricardo Lockette is okay. That was so freakin' scary. Happy he can have the bye week and long week up to the Cards game to get healthy.

  • My god, no sacks on our QB?! Alvin Bailey played a good-to-great game against a monster DE? Slap me across the face, I think I am dreaming.

  • Sherm follows A.J. Green and shuts him down, Torrey Smith and shuts him down for 0 receptions and he follows Dez Bryant which results in Dez having 2 recs for 12 yards on 7 targets. At what point will people accept that they are seeing Sherman travel/follow and on tape and on the stat sheet he is shutting #1 high talent WR's down?

  • I know Thomas Rawls didn't get many carries, but damn yet again he did great things with the rushing attempts he got. How blessed we are to have picked him up and decided to go with him over Turbin and C-Mike. I see Turbin fumbling the ball twice (once basically for the loss) today for the Browns (still love the guy though) and I see C-Mike get scrap carries unable to move up the Cowboys RB depth chart. He couldn't get past Turbin for us and he can't get past Randle and McFadden for them. While we got Rawls who looks like he could be our RB1 next season.