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Watch an episode of The League on FXX tonight that was partly written by me

As mentioned several times over the last year, Jeff Schaffer happens to be both the creator of 'The League' on FXX and a huge fan of Field Gulls. We've spoken to Jeff several times for Field Gulls, both when Marshawn Lynch made his appearances on the show, and when Jeff came on to 'Real in the Field Gulls' for a very special episode with Danny and me. Well this time, the crossover went the other way.

Jeff and Jackie Schaffer were gracious enough to listen to a bunch of pitches I had for The League and with an incredible amount of luck, one of them went through. That storyline (and some jokes I pitched about CTE, America's favorite thing to laugh about right now) will be featured on tonight's episode of the show, which airs at 10 PM on FXX.

My part in this was very small -- all credit to Jeff, Jackie, and the cast -- but it's also very exciting to have a small part in something so great.

Here is a preview of the storyline I wrote, which is that the character of Taco retires from having sex due to concussions.

Taco Retiring

This week on #TheLeague, we tackle the very serious issue of concussions in football the only way we know how.

Posted by The League on Tuesday, 10 November 2015