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Talking Seahawks on Inside the Pylon: The Podcast

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

I joined Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield on Inside the Pylon: The Podcast this week to break down the Seahawks' second half. Other guests on the 'cast this week were Andy Guyader from, and William Carroll of and Here's a breakdown of the topics:

  • The Indianapolis Colts and their upset win over the previously-undefeated Denver Broncos, focusing on how the Colts exploited several matchups to their advantage(2:38)
  • Danny Kelly breaking down the resurgence of the Seattle Seahawks after a tough start to the season, and looking ahead to a key matchup with the Arizona Cardinals (6:50)
  • The Harry Stamper All-Go Offensive Play of the Week, featuring the 39-yard TD hookup between Cam Newton and Corey Brown of the Carolina Panthers (16:28)
  • ITP Glossary term "Option Route" and what it means in the modern NFL offense, as well as whether or not it is the cause of miscommunications where a quarterback throws to empty space instead of a receiver (22:10)
  • Andy Guyader details how his visual game maps can help to break down the ebbs and flows of an NFL game and give fans and analysts a different perspective on how the end result is achieved (26:07)
  • William Carroll discussing how the scouting system and projecting college talent into the NFL fails fans, coaches, and management, and remains a wildly unpredictable part of football (38:13)