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Pete Carroll, Richard Sherman press conference notes

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon. Here are some notes on what they said, with links to the video.

Pete Carroll:

Video Link

  • Jeremy Lane looked really good on Monday, he looked fast and ready for the competition. He will be limited today and check how he is tomorrow, we will take it a day at a time.

  • Ricardo Lockette is back in town, he visited with the team yesterday. He is positive and in good spirits.

  • Ricardo wants to be here and we expect him to be around a lot.

  • Arizona is a really well balanced football team. Across the board their numbers are ranked well high. Carson Palmer is playing great ball. They have a knack for capitalizing on their takeaways. They are aggressive.

  • We are not giving up a lot of big plays so it is a good match-up because the Cards are creating a lot of big plays.

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  • Pete thinks Palmer has always been about as perfect a thrower as you can find.

  • The Cardinals blitzing numbers are "right there" with their numbers last year. They cause a lot of problems being so aggressive. Maybe they don't get to the passer but they effect him which benefits the secondary, helping them make plays.

  • "We are getting better" at recognizing and picking up the blitz.

  • They look like they are maxing out the strengths of their players (QB, receivers) which is a testament to Arians.

  • Challenge playing Larry Fitzgerald is he can catch the football everywhere. Michael Floyd is a downfield receiver that makes big plays. It is interesting that they have three prominent receivers that all do different things.

  • Paul Richardson will be put right back into it, "he's had enough time now". Just gonna fit him in, how are we gonna do it? "We are just gonna fit him in."

  • Thinks Marshawn Lynch is in very good shape for mid year. Certainly hasn't been over worked at this time. We have the opportunity to see him at his best.

  • We have to fix the red zone problem. It is a great area of focus for us. That will follow along with our 3rd down execution too.

  • Thinks the lack of red zone appearances is due to a lack of 3rd down conversions. Haven't gotten those key 3rd down conversions that get you to the red zone.

  • Red zone is great point of emphasis for offense. Pete says 3rd down conversions inside 20 an issue.

  • Need to compliment our running game in the red zone with our passing game.

  • We (Seahawks Coaching Staff) have demonstrated great patience with the O-line since Week 1.

  • On Sunday night for Seahawks' O-line hosting blitzing Arizona: "This will illustrate how far we've come"

  • We want touchdowns, Jimmy can do that in the red zone, it is a long year we will see how it goes. Pete would like him to be a factor.

  • Need to see durability with Jeremy Lane. He is in great shape, he can run like crazy. We need to strain him, move him, add pressure, see how he recovers.

  • The only factor with Lane is his knee, his arm is fully healed. He could play this weekend, but is it the right thing to do?

  • We wouldn't rush Lane back on a knee injury no matter what, having Marcus Burley and DeShawn Shead isn't a factor.

  • The Cardinals have had more big plays, have more break outs, have 4-5-6 yards a carry. They are getting some great breakout runs. They have a good group of RB's back there. They are like 130 yards a game.

  • Our record is 9-0 in prime-time night games. Why? Thinks it is all the 12's. They have all day to get "jacked up".

  • Expect Luke Willson and Cliff Avril back, they will be a bit limited today but Pete expects them to play.

  • Not getting the turnovers is really frustrating. Can't imagine it will continue to happen because the speed rush is effective. Let's get some games at home and see if we can get turnovers in bunches.

  • A big battle cry for the Seahawks is finishing. Over the years he thinks it might be depth, that Pete plays young guys so early that by the mid-season point comes around the young guys are vets. Thinks it might be that.

Richard Sherman:

Video Link

  • Has always had respect for Fitz since Sherman was a rookie. They have respect for each other.

  • Larry and Floyd present different challenges. Larry is gonna be crazy, Carson will hit him right when he exits his breaks. Floyd is a bigger guy who will be more physical.

  • Carson is fun to play against, he takes his shots.

  • View the match-up as another division game against a division opponent.

  • The Arizona secondary is playing good football right now. Looks like Honey-Badger is all over the place.

  • Jeremy Lane will add the same scrappiness he has brought in the past, along with experience. He will do a great job at gunner on ST.

  • There is a lot of energy in home night games. The fans have all day to get pumped up. Sherman doesn't like night games, feels it is a waste of a day, wishes we could play at Noon.

Relevant Tweets:

  • @SiriusXMNFL Pete Carroll on Carson Palmer: He could be the MVP of the league right now, he's playing really well.

  • @kentsomers Arians says he's not motivated by Lynch's run and gesture a year ago. "I wasn't the who got my ass run over."

  • @gbellseattle Jeremy Lane said he didn't know his ACL was torn until month after Super Bowl. Knee buckled while in a SEA-area grocery store. Jeremy Lane's setback in return from broken arm/torn ACL: Infection in surgically repaired arm led to 2nd arm surgery in spring. Jeremy Lane had arm surgery immediately after injury, during Super Bowl. "I woke up we were on the 1-yd line. Enough said." Because of having arm surgery during it, Jeremy Lane said he didn't know until the day after that #Seahawks lost the Super Bowl.

  • @bcondotta Said one big issues in recovery was infection in elbow from material on the field. Lane said he hopes to play this week but team will have to decide if it makes sense to have him return so quickly.

  • @Curtis_Crabtree Lane said he felt like he was ready a couple weeks ago. Every week is getting better. Said he'll be ready to play this week if needed. Lane said he's watched the play "like 20 times." Said he wanted to know what happened & "plus I wanted to see the interception."

My Thoughts:

  • Our run game has the potential to be really dangerous right now. If the O-line can run block then Marshawn can eat, because as Coach Carroll implied Marshawn has had a very light work load so far this year (compared to previous seasons). If he has fresh legs and is completely healthy and the O-line can run block for him then he can explode in this second half of the season and do some great things. Add to that the one-two punch ability of a fresh Marshawn + a young Rawls + a healthy veteran Fred Jackson and I am pumped for our run game. Here is hoping Marshawn goes out there and has a 100+ yard game in a dominant fashion.

  • I am pumped for Jeremy Lane to get back. I wonder if he will play on Sunday or not, it would be great if he could because as Coach Carroll mentioned the Cardinals have three really good receivers in Brown, Fitz and Floyd. However I haven't noticed any slot receiver really do damage to us and Shead and Burley seem to always be doing a solid job so I am not worried. I do want Jeremy Lane back in time for the Steelers game though, because having Lane to put on Brown would be huge for us.

  • I am also pumped to see what (if any) impact Paul Richardson can have in this offense this Sunday. Will he even get a target? Will he be asked to run simple routes to ease him back in? Or will his pick up exactly where he left off and get used (maybe with Tyler) in a deep ball play? Excited to see how he is used.