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Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson post-game presser notes

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson spoke to the media just after the Seahawks' tough loss to the Cardinals. I took notes on what they said.

Coach Carroll:

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  • Really disappointed we played such a miserable first half of football. Thought we held up with all of the mistakes that were there, I didn't feel we were out of the game and we weren't, we got back into the game. We didn't play that game the way we wanted to play it, all the penalties that put us behind, must have been at least five penalties that put us at 1st and 20. We did it to ourselves.

  • Can't evaluate the first half we are so far off. Isn't looking like we are so far behind, we got ahead.

  • We don't play like that, especially off a bye, way too many penalties.

  • Was a really emotional moment having Ricardo Lockette on the field before the game started. We are +2 today in the turnover ratio, unbelievable, doesn't believe it (lost while winning the turnover ratio).

  • We are so far behind the sticks in the first half that it is hard to tell how Russell Wilson did. Really disappointed in the long throws thrown on us. Knew going in they were going to do that. They did a fine job getting the ball down field. We played a bunch of zone tonight and let them have their plays, without the big plays we would have been fine.

  • The players were fired up, jacked, all of a sudden it is just one thing after another, a lot of holding penalties.

  • Bruce Irvin has a sprained knee (MCL sprain). Tyler Lockett is okay (sore ankle), and Paul Richardson pulled his hammy.

  • Have to recognize what happened, will have Tell the Truth Monday and come back at it.

  • Getting off the field on third down is the key problem as to why we are blowing 4th quarter leads. Uncharacteristic for us to have two deep balls thrown over the top for touchdowns.

  • Thought the pressure was pretty good most of the night, we must have missed four sacks though. Cliff Avril continues to come roaring off the football.

  • We did terrible in the first half. We didn't learn anything in the first half, running the ball, etc. 1st and 20 so many times just kills you.

Russell Wilson:

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  • We have a tough road, it is a bump in the road, but we have a lot of football left to play.

  • We were playing uphill all day, especially the first half. We had four or five 3rd downs that were 1st and 15-20 yards. In the second half we were able to make a lot of plays from the no huddle or muddle-huddle. Even with 1:58 left the game wasn't over. We moved down the field and got the field goal and we have gotten that onside kick before. Gotta love how the defense played in the second half, they made plays and scored touchdowns. The goal is to move on and watch the film, to see what we can do better. Ultimately it is about not getting penalties on first downs and staying on schedule.

  • "Normally I try to dress all fancy I guess, but I wore this (Ricardo shirt) for Ricardo." This game is about more than football. He is going to give his all no matter what. He is a good friend. He has always been there for so many guys on this football team. We cherish him, praying he continues to heal and stay positive. One of the best guys Russ knows.

  • Should have put the ball to Doug Baldwin more to the right and inside, was just trying to get the ball to Doug. Misjudged it, threw it before he saw Doug break. It goes back to staying on schedule so the guys can make plays. It was a bad first half of football. The two point conversion, missed Doug on the first, on the second one they rushed everyone up the middle, didn't seem like anyone was there, it didn't work. Had three guys on the first 2-point conversion, was "just pick a guy" and Doug was Russell's first read.

  • This loss is upsetting because of the circumstances. We hate playing bad football. We knew it would be a 4th quarter battle, down to the wire. We didn't like how it felt. We didn't feel like we gave ourselves a chance in the first half. Russ thinks it was a great second half. Have to go back and watch the film. We have 5 losses, but rookie year we were 11-5 and found a way. We have great coaches and players and fans, we have to find a way. All these games we lost too we had a chance. We have to capitalize. We have to play better and be more consistent. We didn't give ourselves a chance in the first half, but in the second half we did, we showed our resilience. Love the game, love each other, it won't be easy, if it was anybody could do it. Have to stay the course. Go Hawks!

Relevant Tweets:

  • @BradyHenderson Ricardo Lockette spoke w/ reporters in locker room after. Asked if he expects to play next season, he said: "I expect to be a Pro Bowler."

My Thoughts:

  • Russ spoke so sincerely in his presser. Not robot Russ, I'm impressed.

  • I've got nothing for ya really in terms of analysis of the game. So many things looked bad, and yet so many things looked good... what a crap storm. The only thing I can't stop thinking about is how successful we were running the ball with both Lynch and Rawls, and how in the world did we not go to that and pound the run game? I have hated people who say this, but I honestly think we have changed (run vs pass ratio) since Russell got paid.

  • It breaks my heart that Fred Jackson came here to get to the playoffs, maybe a Super Bowl, and this is the team he is getting. It sucks that Marshawn signed up for another year to result in this... him getting the ball only a few times when the run game is looking fantastic. It is weird to think about the possibility of Marshawn deciding to retire mid-season because the Hawks aren't playoff competitive and he is already in such pain (back let alone other injuries) and it isn't worth it to play just for money.

  • I realize there is a lot of season left to play, Carson Palmer could go down with injury again, and we could rack up wins against lesser teams and end up looking good in the playoffs, trying to go on a run for the Super Bowl. I know that. Any given Sunday a team (Cards, Panthers) can crap the bed and lose to a team they shouldn't have, can get a key injury that changes their season, i know all of that. But honestly my head-space isn't really in this season that much, I am more excited thinking about what our team can look like in 2016. I have kinda been the O-line champion on here ("They can develop!") but I think because of the O-line (for the most part, obviously a lot of other problems) earlier in the season we lost too many games and still aren't good enough to win against great teams. I am excited for 2016; drafting a RT in the 1st round, drafting a Center in the 2nd round, re-signing Okung? Sweezy?, adding a FA O-linemen? Us coming out in 2016 with Rawls + a '16 3rd round pick RB and an upgraded O-line with our weapons (Tyler, Doug, Paul, Luke, Jimmy, etc)...Russell finally getting a ~15th best O-line in pass pro and run blocking...finally getting consistent pass pro...that is my dream, not really this season turning into a deep playoff run. Sorry if that offends anyone.

  • Seattle had 14 penalties assessed and at least 1-2 more declined. You can't expect to win when this happens. When you start at least four drives at 1st and 20 with this O-line? 99% of the time it seems we 3 & out and punt away.

  • We converted just one 1st down from 3rd down on eight attempts all night. Insane. You can't win a game with that stat, let alone when you add all the penalties we got & their yardage...impossible.

  • To anyone saying Russell's problem is Ciara... just no. Rivers has 8 kids (one a new born)...having one GF is not a distraction. Sherman has a new fiancee and a new born, he openly says the baby keeps him up, is that a distraction he should end? I just don't see Russell Wilson of all people going light on preparation. Dude is a robot, shows up the earliest and leaves the latest. I bet in Mexico he was on his Surface Pro studying film enough that Ciara got pissed.