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Seahawks lose to Cardinals: Players react

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Here's a roundup of post-game interviews following the Seahawks' loss to the Cardinals on Sunday Night Football.


Locker Room Sound vs Cardinals: Bobby Wagner "You Never Know What's Going to Happen" | Seattle Seahawks
Bobby Wagner looks forward to the second half of the season and is ready to get back to the drawing board and put up more wins.

Locker Room Sound vs Cardinals: Cliff Avril "It's Still a Long Season" | Seattle Seahawks
Cliff Avril speaks positively about the future of the team after the loss vs the Cardinals.

Locker Room Sound vs Cardinals: Will Tukuafu "We Play Hard for Eachother" | Seattle Seahawks
After the team's loss vs the Cardinals, Will Tukuafu talks about the teams bond, including Marshawn Lynch's selflessness.

Palmer: 'It's So Sweet to Come Here and Win' | Seattle Seahawks
Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer spoke with Alex Flanagan about the Cardinals 39-32 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

From 710 ESPN Seattle: