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Pete Carroll Monday press conference notes

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke to reporters on Monday afternoon, and broke down Seattle's loss to the Cardinals. Here are some notes on what he said.

Coach Carroll:

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  • Really frustrated by that game yesterday. Didn't find the opportunity to get to the game plan at all. Cardinals did a nice job of taking advantage of our play. Then the game changed, we went up-tempo and when we didn't have penalties, we scored. They put together a drive, Carson Palmer converted 4-4 that puts them ahead, and we couldn't get off the field there. It is real frustrating because we know we can play. The battle this season is to find it, to find the consistency that gets the game done. Don't see all the mystery to it, we are just not quite right. Make the adjustments we need to make, the season is this week, just this week. We are going to get back to work and get back to preparation and get the win.

  • Three years ago we were 6-5, it is just a little bit different. We don't have full control at this point.

  • Had a very good meeting today, the truth of it was very clear. There were so many clear areas where we can do better. Giving guys deep balls is not what we do.

  • Russell is playing like he plays. He is making his plays with his feet, he has made some great throws, he has been a consistent battler. He is working with the rush as he has had to. This game, we talk about the ones that got away, the throws and opportunities, there were plenty of those in there. He is working on his reads and making the plays where they are available. Have to look at each one individually. He made some marvelous plays to give us a chance but there were missed opportunities.

  • Doug Baldwin had a great game, is our best guy to get open on the scramble.

  • A.J. Francis is a real big guy we have been looking at for a long time.

  • The defense played great, Carson is a fantastic football player, there were a lot of really good things the defense did. We recognize when we have penalties on drives we are a lot easier to score on. Like that we played really hard, and attacked at the line of scrimmage.

  • Doesn't even know how to talk about penalties at this point.

  • Absolutely have a full day on Friday we dedicate to the ref crew and show the calls they make. We take a lot of care there, it is such a big factor in the game.

  • The numbers (ref calls) we knew did show up with one exception.

  • We don't make a big deal about "what is a catch", we don't control that. We talk about completing/finishing a catch. Make sure even when you go out of bounds to make sure you have to complete the catch. You gotta finish all the way to the ground.

  • KJ Wright was high on the Fitz hit, did all the right things but just a little high on the strike zone. We would coach him up that it was too high. Thought Cary Williams played a pretty good football game. We were prepared and knew they would target him in the run game and he did well. Happy with how Patrick Lewis played.

  • Bruce Irvin and Paul Richardson are "pending" which means we don't know yet. But they have a legit knee and a legit hamstring. The Cardinals blitzed less than we anticipated. But the down and distance were so much in their favor they didn't have to. Once we started moving they started to blitz more.

  • You gotta do up-tempo and modified tempo in spurts, if you did it all the time it wouldn't be good.

  • The pass protection did well.

  • "We never got to our run game. Never got to where we wanted to. It's a shame because we had a great plan." The down and distance problem from penalties took us away from that plan.

  • Think there is something in our consistency against these good teams that we don't have yet.

  • Really doesn't think playing 23 games, but the distractions that can effect players. Steph Curry talked about how they handled it, what you do with the time you have and how you apply yourself. Doesn't think that is a factor, there is other stuff we could talk about but won't talk about it now.

  • Marshawn felt pretty good un Saturday, and on Sunday morning he felt fine. Think he is sore today but we will see how he goes.

  • We should have hit Ellington on the draw play touchdown with our blitz, but the guard made a block. It was a beautiful execution by the Cardinals.

  • Both safeties have a chance to affect the seam route touchdown to the tight end.

  • Sherman saw the big corner that is coming underneath and misread where the throw is going to (on the first touchdown to Michael Floyd). Every once in a while, Sherman makes the wrong decisions.