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Real in the Field Gulls podcast: Stephen Cohen of the Seattle PI returns

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are 4-5 and facing possible elimination from anyone giving them a snowball's chance in hell of making the playoffs this week, as the San Francisco 49ers come to town in a battle of "remember when that was a rivalry everyone cared about?" The 49ers are mixing things up in that former rivalry, hoping that Blaine Gabbert can do better than Colin Kaepernick ever did against the Seahawks.

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Stephen Cohen, sports editor for the Seattle PI, joins us again to talk about such topics as the Seahawks playoff chances, the recent criticism of Russell Wilson from the coaching staff, a few of Earl Thomas' recent comments, and others, and which teams in the NFC are for real. Before that, Danny and Kenneth discuss which players on Seattle are actually having Pro Bowl seasons, if fans are too quick to judge the offensive linemen, and just how good is Doug Baldwin really?

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