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Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, Thomas Rawls press conference notes

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, and Thomas Rawls spoke to the media after the Seahawks' big win over the Niners. Here are some notes on what they said, along with the links to the video.

Coach Carroll:

Video Link

  • Really liked this game today, how we played across the board. Played hard and tough at home. Defense did a nice job all day long, we gave them a couple of drives which was unfortunate, made a mistake with his timeout call. Well done throughout the day. The story is on the other side. Running the ball, passing it, 3rd down stuff was great. Russell Wilson had a great day today. We are all fired up about what Thomas Rawls did. Shouldn't be a surprised to us, he has always played well. The guys up front did a good job run blocking and making space for him.

  • That is what it is supposed to look like for us. That is the kinda mix we like to play. Really good day.

  • Across the board Russ had a great game. Really good poise in the pocket, took care of the football and knew when to bail out of the pocket.

  • Tyler Lockett is just one of our guys, just a regular starter.

  • Marshawn Lynch tried, we rested him and rehabbed him all week, and in pre-game he just couldn't get going. Going to try to take care of him, going to see a doctor (specialist) in Philly on Monday, hope to get word on Wednesday.

  • When asked what is the scheme when/if Marshawn comes back in regards to Rawls: we'll deal with that when the time comes. We don't know. Thomas did a good job and Marshawn has been our runner for a long time here.

  • Doug Baldwin might have a sprained ankle. We'll see.

  • Patrick Lewis had an ankle thing. Two guards (J.R. Sweezy and Justin Britt) got stingers. Lewis is walking around but we will have to see how he responds.

  • Nothing is ruled out with Marshawn, could be sports hernia. They have a way of being really difficult to figure out from the outside. Surgery is always an option, other things to take a look at. Hard to detect.

  • Pulled Cary Williams out. Wanted to see how DeShawn Shead would do. Seems like Shead did okay.

  • Trying to give Shead a chance to play. He deserves a chance. There were some plays that were made that we want to see improvement on (with Cary).

Russell Wilson:

Video Link

  • Thought we played great football across the board. Played relentless the whole game. The only times they did stop us we felt we got off schedule a bit.

  • Anytime you don't have Marshawn you miss him, but to have a guy like Rawls step in and make the runs he is making, you got to credit the offensive line, they were physical today. Thomas found the holes, broke tackles, the receivers and TE's made blocks, he was big for us.

  • The O-line did a tremendous job blocking for me. We really understood what we wanted to do with the game plan.

  • Tyler Lockett is so quick, so fast. Makes an incredible TD catch there. To have that many weapons in terms of the receiving corps making plays for us, then you think about the TE's, it is tough on a defense.

  • Kept telling the media that we aren't that far off, we have been hurting ourselves and haven't been staying on schedule. This week we were able to stay the course and stay on schedule. Really believes Darrell Bevell got us ready to go and we were locked in.

  • The best thing about Rawls is the way he works. He comes full force. He runs the ball into the end zone every time. To have Marshawn arguably the best RB in the NFL, to have Fred who can do it all and then have Rawls who is a extremely talented rookie, it is good football. We have three great RB's back there.

  • Really build trust with young guys with how you practice. You are not surprised when you see Tyler and Thomas practice.

  • Every game is different, the great thing about us is a different guy can have a hot hand. Sometimes it can be Kearse, Lockett, Jimmy, Luke, etc. If we stay on course we can get hot and do things like we did today.

  • Throw to Tyler Lockett was not a designed play. They brought the safety down from the other side, thought "I am not going that way" and lucky Lockett was behind the LOS and I could throw him to him and make a good play.

Thomas Rawls:

Video Link

  • Found out today he would start. Marshawn came up to him and said "Look young'un, I am passing you the torch today" and Rawls knew what to do.

  • Never runs out of bounds, is his makeup, his mentality, feels he would feel like less of a person if he just ran out of bounds.

  • Been seeking out contact since he was young, had to be a different breed coming from Michigan.

  • You have to know the blocking schemes, and you have to trust the big boys upfront. They give him so many good looks he feels so comfortable behind them. There is so much trust.

  • It is exciting and gratifying to break records for the Seahawks.

  • Took advantage of every opportunity. When we can play as one unit like that, get some great calls by the coaches, there is nothing we can do to stop us.

  • To see a RB like Marshawn Lynch do the things he does, it is crazy. When he was a rookie Pete told him "I see you eyeing Marshawn like that". Wants to learn from Marshawn and Fred and the RB coach.

  • Coulda went anywhere in the NFL as a free agent. Knew we didn't draft a RB, felt he could make the roster here. Glad he chose here, this organization and this team is so amazing. They let us be ourselves, they let us be free. I like it, it is good.

  • I look at a guy like Marshawn and the other backs behind him. Figured if he could come in, and be himself, and just learn, grow in a short time frame, that he could be okay. Worked hard, still working, wanting to be the best he can be for this team, especially as a rookie.

  • Needs practice to get his confidence.

  • The way that the Hawks coach, something is different. They let us be ourselves, as long as you do everything right and give your all. They don't yell at us, they don't do stuff like that.

  • "I'm going to send a game ball back to Flint, Michigan. Shout out to my city."

Relevant Tweets:

  • @gbellseattle Doug Baldwin says "I'm good." MRI on ankle tomorrow, he says. #Seahawks

  • @SheilKapadia Marshawn Lynch missed one game in five years from 2010 to 2014. Has been out for three of the Seahawks' first 10 games this season.

  • BradyHenderson Rawls breaks breaks the #Seahawks' record for most rushing yards in a game by a rookie. He has 209. Curt Warner's record was 207.

  • @BradyHenderson Take 2: Wilson finishes 24 of 29 for 260 yards, 3 TDs and no INTs. That sets a new career-high for completion percentage, 82.8 percent.

  • @BradyHenderson Seahawks' offense: 8 of 14 on 3rd down (including a kneel-down) and 2 of 3 in the red zone. Two big issues this season but not in this game.

  • @JacsonBevens Thomas Rawls' 255 yards from scrimmage today are the 32nd most by a running back in NFL history

  • @gbellseattle CB Cary Williams said his eyes were looking in wrong place, mental mistakes. Says this was 1st time benched during a game. #Seahawks

  • @BrockESPN Jimmy Graham had his best day blocking as a Hawk, was put in a position for success w/more movement blocks than pure point of attack spots

  • ‏@Curtis_Crabtree Cary Williams on being benched: "It's just one of those things that happens when you're not playing well. It is what it is. Things happen. I feel like I could be better and I just wasn't necessarily there today esp. in the 2nd half. ... Maybe I was overthinking it. Williams says he'll still compete for the job. "I'm a resilient guy. I'm a guy that's going to go out and compete as best I possibly can."

  • @JacsonBevens Thomas Rawls is currently the 12th leading rusher in the NFL. 32nd in carries, 2nd in YPC.

  • @JacsonBevens Russell Wilson has a passer efficiency rating of 121.8 when targeting Tyler Lockett

My Thoughts:

  • Well this game exactly like I had hoped. I wanted to be entertained and to see us fix a lot of the problems that have plagued us. We went out there and Russ looked great, Rawls looked amazing, Jimmy got some good targets, Tyler got some good targets (including a deep shot), the defense for the most part looked good

  • Benching Cary Williams, it was a must. All I can say is I hope Tharold Simon is healthy in 2016 to earn that CB2 spot opposite Sherman, and that Tye Smith has developed nicely so he can be a solid backup. I hope Cary can get his head on right and play some more solid ball like he has in previous games. We can't just cut him or anything ridiculous like I have seen said on here. We are light at CB and are paying him $7mil for this year.

  • So happy for Rawls, for happy for Tyler, really wish Kevin Smith could have gotten his first reception and Frank or Cassius their first sack but oh well.

  • It might be decided for us (if Marshawn has a hernia) but I look at what Rawls has done in every single game, how his stats look and compare them to Lynch and I honestly think Rawls might have the edge, he might be better for this teams offense to be back there at RB. I know this was a relatively crappy 49ers defense but still...these numbers Rawls is putting up Marshawn has never put up in his career. He is breaking records, that isn't just "well the defense he played sucked". I call BS on that. Let's see him get the start against the Steelers and let's see if he can have another 100+ yard rushing game.

  • This defense really really needs to self scout itself and Pete needs to adjust the scheme or calls or something because TE's are our weakness and it is just depressing at this point. If you are playing us I recommend a TE seam route into the end zone because it works 99% of the time. Just wow.