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Seahawks react to win over 49ers

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a roundup of video and sound following the Seahawks' win over the 49ers.


Locker Room Sound vs 49ers: Cliff Avril "We Did Some Great Things on Defense" | Seattle Seahawks
Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril talks about how the defense did a great job stopping the 49ers run game.

Locker Room Sound vs 49ers: Mike Morgan "Our Goal is to Stop the Run" | Seattle Seahawks
Seahawks linebacker Mike Morgan got his first start this season and his teammates were happy to have him on the field for the win over the 49ers.

Locker Room Sound vs 49ers: Spreading the Offense | Seattle Seahawks
The Seahawks offense had a lot of players contribute in today's win over the 49ers, hear why the Seahawks believe it is harder on the defense when there are so many offensive weapons.

Locker Room Sound vs 49ers: Tyler Lockett "Found Out I Was In The End Zone and Started Celebrating" | Seattle Seahawks
Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett caught two touchdown passes today against the 49ers, go inside the locker room to hear players and coaches thoughts on the rookies performance.

From 710ESPN Seattle: