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Kris Richard, Pete Carroll, Thomas Rawls press conference notes

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard, head coach Pete Carroll, and running back Thomas Rawls spoke to the media on Friday. I took notes on what was said.

Coach Richard:

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  • Vertical passing attack is the biggest threat of the Steelers.

  • Similarities with what Arizona did. It is a good thing because you can recognize them out there.

  • Staying on top is what needs to be done much better this time against when we played the Cardinals.

  • Staying over the top hasn't changed, same coaching point, execution just has to be better.

  • How the opposing offense is going to attack us is how we decide to use Richard Sherman. If they feature one guy they keep throwing to then Sherman will follow, if they have a bunch of good guys then he won't, the Steelers have a bunch of good guys. We'll see what he does.

  • Jeremy Lane brings that extra level of enthusiasm and effort. He is a guy we have relied upon for the past few years for extra grit.

  • Have seen a guy (Cary Williams) bouncing back. A bunch of guys have realized what is going on out there, has been out there competing and we'll see.

  • Having the competition for CB2 right now rejuvenates. The guys that are behind the starter should have an opportunity when it isn't getting done. If it is your spot then get locked in and go for it.

  • Getting back to the sideline (getting benched) can help you refocus, regroup and calm down. You can address what happened to you and what Is happening on the field.

  • DeShawn Shead has been a safety so being back there he understands the complete value of being on top. He hasn't been so locked in and focused in on stopping particular routes, he has been more focused on being where he needs to be and where we need to be.

  • Staying on-top of how we do it is what it comes down to with shutting down the seam routes.

  • Cary has issues with both assignment and technique. It is Coach Richards responsibility if Cary isn't locked in on his assignment. If Cary is confused, Kris knows he has to do a better job.

Coach Carroll:

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  • Thomas Rawls should do well, he was a little under the weather today.

  • Cary Williams worked hard this week.

  • Paul Richardson will miss this game but expectation is for him to come back next week for Minnesota.

  • Bruce Irvin did some work yesterday, might not make it, doubtful. Will be a tough one, listed as doubtful.

  • Patrick Lewis practiced all week so he made it through the week, will play.

  • Rawls had a bang (knee) from the game but he practiced and will be good to play.

  • Rawls is hard working guy, he will always try to get more turns and reps. One of those guys mentally that gives him confidence to get the work. Some players are better off than others handling it when they don't get the work that week in practice.

  • Coach Carroll talked to Rawls about staying grounded after getting national attention. Seemed very squared away, not wanting to change anything about how he prepares and his habits.

  • Russell Wilson won't waiver on his habits and his focus, very determined to not let things bother him from the outside. He always turns to his good habits.

  • Take everything into account when having Sherman shadow a receiver.

  • Jeremy Lane will be activated, expected to play Sunday.

Thomas Rawls:

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  • Nothing different about how he prepares knowing he will start this week.

  • Another chance to help the team win, show what he can do, serve this organization, that is his job.

  • Life has changed, it has been a lot, but he doesn't get distracted. Stays to himself, stays away from the media.

  • Has heard all good stuff back home from Flint. But that was last week and he is looking forward to playing the Steelers.

  • Is a RB, plays off instinct and just plays his game. Doesn't think a lot, if at all, doesn't think about body preservation. Depends on the flow of the game.

  • Texted and talked to Marshawn Lynch, said happy Thanksgiving and is praying for him. Told him to go out there and have the same mentality that he has had. Said to listen to Fred Jackson and you'll be fine.

  • Been a tough week, trying to kill the little cold he's got, nothing major.

  • Think about how far he has come, and not in the last 6 months but his entire past. Starts with hard work and dedication and commitment to his body and mind and doing the right things.

  • Won't give himself a nickname, will let the fans do it, whatever name that sticks he will ride it out. High school coaches called him "The Train".

  • Has three Fred Jackson's in his life. There is a reason there is a lot in his life, all 3 are good men.