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NFL Trade Deadline comes and goes, Seahawks stand pat

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade deadline has now passed and the only deal that got done league-wide was the trade on Monday that sent Vernon Davis to the Broncos. There were reports that Denver was also pushing hard to get Browns left tackle Joe Thomas at the last minute, but talks broke down when compensation couldn't be agreed upon.

The Seahawks likely worked the phones pretty hard but with very limited cap space ($741,294 per the NFLPA's public cap report), didn't have a whole lot of leeway to make a blockbuster deal. There had been reports that Seattle was looking to add an offensive lineman and Alex Mack was a name that had been floated, but the Pro Bowler wrote on twitter that he would veto any trade if Cleveland tried to make a deal.

Anyway, nothing really happened. Boring trade deadline.