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Pete Carroll Monday press conference notes

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke to the media today, and I took notes. Here's what was discussed.

Coach Carroll:

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  • DeShawn Shead played a really good, tough game. He had a lot of challenges, he came through with the ball coming in a number of times, they got him once. Really proud of him.

  • Absolutely expect Jimmy Graham to be ready for next year. Plenty of time for him to get back. Ruptured patella.

  • Luke Willson does all kinds of good things, we will utilize him in the fashion that suits him best. Luke is a vet, he has plenty of confidence. He is ready to go. He jumped up and made a play the next snap.

  • Cooper Helfet will play more, might do some things (at TE) in the next few days.

  • Think the opposing offense putting up so many yards and scores was unique to that game, not a sign of needing to score more points this season to win.

  • Great to get the turnovers. We have had a lot of yards thrown on us at times, do you forget how many yards Peyton Manning threw on us in the Super Bowl? Ben Roethlisberger played great, his receivers are awesome and we made some mistakes.

  • Earl  Thomas was trying really hard, he got out of position a couple of times, missed some tackles, he is better than that.

  • Cary Williams is fighting for playing time. Shead did a good job, feel good about Shead coming back this week.

  • Pete thinks Jimmy Graham has been comfortable in the offense for a while. His blocking is coming along, think he will be a really good blocker, he is seeing his potential, think when he comes back he will be really good. He has had an effect as a receiver in a lot of games.

  • Jeremy Lane is pretty sore today. He rolled all of camp and preseason all in one game, he will be alright though.

  • Think this was the O-lines best game in terms of protecting the passer. This was a tough group to defend against, who is coming from where. When you don't change guys out you can expect them to improve over time. Hoping for them to keep going, to handle the burden and challenges and all that.

  • Think the most obvious part of Russell Wilson's improvement is what is going on up front. Getting those pockets is huge. We have adjusted to create a faster rhythm since the bye week as well.

  • Always vital for the RB to pick up the blocks, all of that is crucial, the calls, the protection, the TE's. Both Rawls and Fred are good blockers.

  • Think Patrick  Lewis has been a factor in settling down the O-line. It is the most obvious change since the improvement as of late but think the other guys have developed to, that we could pop a different center in there and they would still look real good.

  • There was a concern last year during the Arizona game where Patrick struggled with communication and we worried it would be that way this year, but it hasn't -- he has really improved with his communication.

  • We had the most explosive plays last year, we are on track after 11 games just like we were last year. Just because you throw the ball less doesn't mean you can't have a lot of explosive plays. Making plays off the play-action, but you can't forget about the guys down field making plays and catching the ball.

  • Doug Baldwin is just so confident that he knows he can get open and make his plays. He has been connected with Russ for so long, he knows where the ball will go, he knows the concepts, he knows when he should be the read. A great example that catch he made on the 80-yard TD.

  • Earl Thomas reacted to the scramble (of Ben) and it took him out of helping Kam on the deep end on the 60 yard TD.

  • Marcus Burley has a minor sprained ankle, has a chance to get back.

  • Big surprise Bruce Irvin made it and could play. He ran really well and surprised himself and the trainers. He looked great, felt great, played him limitedly and he did okay. He will come back this week ready to go.

  • Demarcus Dobbs and Will Tukuafu are in the concussion protocol. Will have to wait and see, will be very careful with them.

  • Reports are that everything with Marshawn Lynch has gone really well. Work he has done back in Philly is reported that everything is going fine.

  • Thomas did fine, he ran hard, was worried about him early, he kept going and he was so sick, worried he'd wear out.

  • Terrific for him to be so solid, consistent with such a great work ethic and mentality. No hesitation in the coaches minds he will go out and bang with a great effort.

  • We did a really good job studying for the fake field goal. Had to go back quite a ways in film study.

  • Paul Richardson has a great shot to come back, think he might be full go on Wednesday. Should have him back to play.

  • We kick the ball low, gotta get the ball up on the blocked kicks. Steven Hauschka has to kick that ball higher. It has happened before (when asked if he kicks it higher usually).

  • DT A.J. Francis will go (play), gotta see how Jordan Hill does (toe) and Dobbs (concussion).

  • Frank Clark is doing fine, wish the split between he and Michael Bennett would have more balanced but it was more of a nickel game than we would have hoped. Very flashy player, jumps out at times, need him to stay out there on the field so we can get those looks.

  • Have a lot of flexibility with Richard Sherman with his preparation at nickel. Kept him at RCB because after so long a CB can settle in and moving can feel left handed at times. With his flexibility now we move him around with confidence.

  • Russell doesn't have to scramble around as much, the results out of the (clean) pockets, we can expect a much more dynamic attack from the pocket. But having his scramble talent in our back pocket is great. He can get out and move when we need him to. Gonna have a big time pass rush from MIN and will need him in the pocket and outside.

  • Yes Russ has gotten the ball out quicker which has helped the pass pro, the rhythm is starting to work for us.

  • Russ is fine today (health).

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