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Real in the Field Gulls: Seahawks half-way point review with Danny O'Neil

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We're back in action with the bye week edition of Real in the Field Gulls, and to take a halfway point look-back at the Seahawks' season, and to look forward to the second-half, we talked to Danny O'Neil, host of 710 ESPN's Danny, Dave, and Moore Show and former beat writer for the Seattle Times. Yes, we have two adult men named Danny on the same show.

Here are a few topics that Danny, Kenny, and I talk about:

— Halfway point review:What's the biggest difference between last year's team and this year's team?

— How do you grade Russell Wilson's performance this year? Where has he improved, and has he regressed anywhere?

— What have you thought of the addition of Jimmy Graham? Does that look like a good trade halfway through the year?

— The offensive line stinks. That's not a question. But here's one: Are they going to get any better?

— What do you make of Marshawn Lynch's lackluster statistical start? Do you think he's starting to slow down or that injuries and the OL have just hampered him this season? What do you expect for the 2nd half of the year from the Seahawks' run game?

— What do you think the addition of Paul Richardson means for the second half?

— Defensively, where have the Seahawks improved and where have they regressed?

— Here are the quarterbacks the Seahawks are facing down the stretch: Carson Palmer x2, Blaine Gabbert(?), Ben Roethlisberger, Teddy Bridgewater, Joe Flacco, Johnny Manziel(?), and Nick Foles. Does this, in your mind, set them up for a playoff run?

Before chatting with Danny O'Neil, Kenneth and I discuss the Niners and Kenny's article on their crazy turnover.

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Huge thanks as always to David Fagerholm for the kickass theme song!