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3000 NFL Mock Draft: Updated draft order, team needs, and should the 49ers be tanking?

Lots to break down as we hit the midway point of the NFL season and near the bowl games in NCAA.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

In today's episode of 3000 NFL Mock Draft, Rob Staton and I talk about the updated draft order after nine weeks, where the Seahawks fall, an updated mock draft and who they should take, plus a whole lot more.

We discuss the matchup between Derrick Henry and Leonard Fournette, whether or not Corey Coleman should be the number one pick even though he's a wide receiver, which NFL team has the best shot of getting the number one pick, if the 49ers should be tanking their lucky stars for Joey Bosa, Paxton Lynch, or Coleman, the college football playoff race, the Cougs big game at UCLA this week, the ridiculous finish between Arkansas and Ole Miss, if Oklahoma State should be ahead of Alabama, and hella more.

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