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Seahawks vs. Ravens: 3 things to watch for

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

It's been rough for the Ravens this year, and losing quarterback Joe Flacco to an ACL injury and running back Justin Forsett to a broken arm in the same game really decimated their playoff hopes. But, believe it or not, the Ravens haven't yet  been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, so the wounded beast is still fighting for a chance. However, as we all know, the NFL is weird and sometimes bad teams beat really good teams -- anybody can beat anybody on any given Sunday. Seattle should not discount Baltimore due to their injury woes.

Without further ado, let's dive in.

Seahawks' Defensive Line vs. Ravens' O-line

With the recent emergence of Frank Clark (two sacks and nearly a third against the Vikings), the Baltimore pass protectors will be in for a very long day. The rushing abilities of Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, Clark, and Bruce Irvin are becoming very difficult to hold up against. On top of that, the Baltimore offensive line is really hurting, and they just put LT Eugene Monroe on season-ending IR this morning.

Jimmy Clausen and/or Matt Schaub will not have a lot of time to execute the offense on Sunday.  Good luck, Jimmy.

The Russell Wilson Show

No quarterback in the NFL is playing better than Russell Wilson right now. Wilson has been lights out over the last three games - and will look to continue that against a below-average Baltimore passing defense. Baltimore ranks 19th in passing defense - allowing 244 yards in the air a game. Wilson, over the last 3 games, is 66-86 (78.7%) for 879 yards (10.2 YPA), 11 touchdowns, and zero interceptions.

Tomorrow, at 10am, is a perfect opportunity for the Russell Wilson show to continue.

Doug Baldwin

Baldwin has been ridiculously consistent this season - getting open against any defensive back that trails him. He currently has 778 yards receiving along with eight touchdowns on the season, and will look to continue that journey to 1000 yards on Sunday. The Russell-to-Baldwin connection is becoming a very difficult one to defend - and I believe Baltimore will have trouble with it on Sunday.

Over the last three games, Russell is 17-of-19 for 299 yards and five touchdowns when targeting Baldwin. You just can't stop them.