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Seahawks beat Ravens: Players react

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a roundup of player interviews following the Seahawks big win over the Ravens.


Locker Room Sound: Seahawks Give Russell Wilson Praise | Seattle Seahawks
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's teammates give a lot of praise to how well Wilson has played over the last few weeks.

Locker Room Sound: Offense Makes Adjustments | Seattle Seahawks
After Seahawks running back Thomas Rawls was injured early in the game, the offense had to make a few adjustments on the line with running back DuJuan Harris stepping into the number one spot.

Locker Room Sound: Richard Sherman on his Hair "I'm Keeping It, It's Part of Me" | Seattle Seahawks
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was pulled down by his hair after intercepting Jimmy Clausen, but says he's still not cutting his hair.

Locker Room Sound: Defense Playing "Lights Out" | Seattle Seahawks
The Seahawks defense has come up big over the last two weeks with turnovers and not allowing the opposing offense's to score.

Locker Room Sound: Tyler Lockett is "Just Money" | Seattle Seahawks
Go inside the locker room to hear from Tyler Lockett as his two touchdown 104-yard performance helped lift the Seahawks to a 35-6 victory in Baltimore.

From 710 ESPN Seattle: