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3000 NFL Mock Draft: Seahawks on fire, Robert Nkemdiche gets caught with fire and more

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

This week on 3000 NFL Mock Draft, we spend a little bit more time talking about the "NFL" than we do mock drafts and the like. That's because as we get closer to the NFL playoffs and the end of the regular season, we get a better idea of who will have the number one pick and who might be picking 31st. Rob and I also wanted to spend a good amount of time discussing Russell Wilson's incredible run, as well as what it means for the Seahawks offensive line, receivers, and running backs headed into next season. Rob gives his take on DuJuan Harris and Bryce Brown, so you have a little bit more info on what to expect from the running game moving forward.

Later on we also discuss Robert Nkemdiche's run-in with the law, why the Saints might need to draft a quarterback, if Derrick Henry is a deserving Heisman winner, and what the best road to the Super Bowl would be for Seattle.

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