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Pete Carroll Monday presser notes

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke to the media Monday afternoon. I took notes.

Coach Carroll:

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  • Pete Carroll said Marshawn Lynch will continue to rehab off-site until he's ready to practice. Don't have a timeline.

  • Carroll said they just finished the signing of Bryce Brown.

  • Brown, DuJuan Harris and Derrick Coleman will battle to be team's No. 1 back. Fred Jackson will continue in 3rd-down role.

  • Marshawn has to get healed from his surgery then he has to get into football shape.

  • "I don't know. We won't know until the work starts happening." Pete's answer to if it's reasonable to expect Lynch back in reg season

  • Would have liked the O-line to play like this earlier, but they are doing really well and they are making progress. Want to finish well so at least it is here to help us do that.

  • Harris did "fine". He got 18 carries which he hasn't done in a long time. We haven't had great work with him with pads on at full speed so he had to get that in-game. He plays with a lot of energy and a lot of movement, has really good lateral movement.

  • Carroll said Thomas Rawls likely wouldn't have made it back even if team had longer to wait. Said ligament damage was biggest factor.

  • Pete Carroll says as far as he knows at this time, Thomas Rawls will not need surgery for his injury.

  • Commitment to the run will stay the same, we have a balanced approach that we like rolling with. The idea of a balanced attack is going to what you need, if you need to you can throw more, if you need to you can run more.

  • Carroll said Kam Chancellor "is pretty sore" today. Bruised tailbone. Thinks it's unlikely he'll practice Wednesday.

  • Kelcie McCray did "really well. Really fired up about him. He has come a long way with our system, we have a lot of intricacies that we hope to see, in the awareness and positioning. He had a couple of plays he'd want back but he had some really good plays too. He was very efficient and in the right spots all day long, gave us really good disciplined. Really fired up with how he played knowing he might have to play more."

  • Carroll says "have to wait and see'' on DeShawn Shead and Marcus Burley's ankles. Burley re-tweaked his ankle but he should be okay. Shead is great battling through stuff but not sure.

  • Luke Willson got bruised ribs, not sure the extant because the MRI was done this afternoon and haven't heard back yet.

  • Michael Bennett's toe is sore, toe he has had problems with.

  • May have climbed on-top of a locker to talk to the guys post-game before.

  • Pete Carroll said he got up on the locker post-game "in a single bound."

  • Think the effort is more consistent in the NFL (than College) to have the visitors locker-room be awful. The designs are small and segmented and humble and ugly.

  • The run defense starts in the middle up front with Brandon Mebane and Ahtyba Rubin. They have to allow the LB's to fit in and stay in their spot and shut the middle down. Rubin has been fantastic. They set the standard and consistency.

  • If you look at what is happening on the other side of the ball, when you score, it is hard for opponents to stick to the run game so that plays a part in rushing defense numbers being so good. It goes the other way where you see the passing numbers be higher than usual.

  • Tyler Lockett has really demonstrated he is physical. Give him credit for all the catches and returns he had at K-State. Was in the middle of a lot of hard nosed football. You can't return punts and kick-offs at his size if you aren't physical and tough.

  • In regards to: that we haven't lost by more than 10 points in a long time, the stat that is impressive is how hard we are to beat. It is hard for teams to put up points on us. We've made it a challenge for our opponents. Goes back to our guys finishing well, no matter where we go and where our situation is. Shows you have staying power and finish well and outlast your opponents and finish in a big way.

  • Think it's normal, it is normal to not keep the games that tight forever, that is what most teams do. Go back a couple of years and we have had some terrible games at home and some horrible matchups, couldn't keep the score close. That happens for most teams so that is why it is so special for us to not be normal.

  • Brock Coyle is ready to play, has been practicing for weeks, he is a core ST for us. Primed and ready to go. Will be activated to 53 man roster this week.