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Seahawks beat Ravens: Pro Football Focus Signature Stats

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As we do every week, here are a few notes and tidbits on the Seahawks' win over the Ravens from Pro Football FocusJim Seki. His notes in italics, and my comments follow.


-- Russell Wilson with another solid game and over the last month, he's the highest graded QB at +18.1. He leads in completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdowns, and QB Rating. All his touchdowns came on throws with no pressure and two came against the blitz.

At this point it's almost trite to mention how well Russell Wilson is playing but leading all NFL quarterbacks in completion percentage, YPA, touchdowns, and QB rating over the last month is pretty damn impressive. Wilson is balling out.

-- DuJuan Harris and Fred Jackson averaged 2.7 and 1.7 yards after contact respectively on their rush attempts.

The Harris yards per carry after contact number would have been encouraging if not for the fact the Seahawks just cut him. To my eye he didn't look overly dynamic as a runner (more like a change of pace back) but Pete Carroll did mention that the line wasn't opening up quite as big of lanes for Harris to run through as they did for Thomas Rawls to start out the game.

Either way, Harris is now gone, and one of the most interesting storylines this week will be the running back competition. I don't think that Fred Jackson is anything but a third down back at this point.

-- There were hardly any rush attempts to the left side of the line. Only three went out wide of left tackle, while everything else was just left of center/to the right of center.

Might've been a matchup thing? Interesting though.


-- Michael Bennett is currently in second place among 4-3 DEs with 45 QB hurries.

Dude doesn't get enough hype. He's one of the best defensive ends in the game.

-- On the year Frank Clark grades at +6.6, but is +6.1 in the first half of the season and only +0.5 since week 8. That's even with his +4.5 last week. He's played 51.9% and 67.2% of defensive snaps the last couple weeks and it's possible that he's hit the "rookie wall". The late shift in the Ravens O-line with Kelechi Osemele moving to left tackle also factored into his low grade on Sunday.

This will be interesting to watch. He didn't really flash much in the Baltimore game (no one on the defensive line really did to my eye), so you have to wonder if maybe the length of the season has become a factor (way fewer games in college, obviously). Part of the reason the Seahawks used Clark sparingly in the early part of the year may have been because of this.

Signature Stats

-- Wilson still leads accuracy rate at 79.1%. In the past month on deep passes, he has a 76.9% accuracy rate and has five touchdowns on his eight completions.

Again: ballin'.

-- Also looking at the past month, Wilson ranks 28th in pressure rate at only 32.6%.

The offensive line!

-- The Seahawks were ranked FIRST in pass block efficiency this week at 93.4. The O-line allowed zero sacks and only three hurries.

What world are we living in?!

-- The receiving corps is still doing a great job not dropping passes but has moved out of first place and is now tied for third with a 4.2% drop rate.

The Ravens game was only the second time I've been frustrated with drops (the first being Jimmy Graham vs. Arizona). I'd say that's a pretty cool thing.

-- Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin are now first and second in wide receiver rating at 145.0 and 142.0, respectively. Baldwin has 10 touchdowns from the slot, which is four clear of the next players (Allen Hurns & Randall Cobb).

Very nice. Obviously a big deal when your quarterback is playing out of his got dang mind, but these guys are doing an excellent job getting open for him.