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Real in the Field Gulls: Mocking the Seahawks-Browns with Mocking the Draft

Dan Kadar stopped by to give us a better look at Johnny and the Boyz.

Andrew Weber/Getty Images

The Seahawks are heavy favorites at home this week against the Cleveland Browns, but that does not mean we are going to overlook them or pretend like this is going to be an easy win ...

Okay, yes we are.

Since Danny and Kenneth are not superstitious and don't have the power to change the outcomes of games with our thoughts and feelings (and if we do have that power, why didn't we use it in the Super Bowl?), we talk about why Seattle should get a win this week, what Christine Michael will have to do with it, and what "Johnny and the Boys" are going to have to say about it. To help us preview the game we talk to Dan Kadar aka "Mocking the Draft" aka SB Nation's NFL draft guru aka a lifelong Browns fan. Dan talks about Mike Pettine, Gary Barnidge, Johnny Manziel, next year's draft, and a lot more.

Then later, Danny reveals why he doesn't care about spoilers and why you can tell him what happens in The Force Awakens (though doing so publicly might get you banned from this site.)

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