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Pete Carroll, Richard Sherman, Christine Michael presser notes

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll, Richard Sherman, and Christine Michael spoke to the media on Wednesday, and I took notes.

Coach Carroll:

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  • Brought Christine Michael back in, he is here with us today. The familiarity and background gives him a chance to help us. Visited with Christine today to make our expectations clear. At game-time they will make clear what the situation is at running back, who will play, and how snaps will play out.

  • C-Mike was up against Thomas Rawls, and Rawls lit us up. C-Mike is a very explosive player, hoping he can give us some of that. Haven't even practiced with these guys yet so he can't tell you how the RB situation will look.

  • Luke Willson is a remarkable healer; he went through walkthrough and will practice. "Little bit more than bruised ribs."

  • Can't tell what will happen on the weekend but Kam Chancellor isn't gonna practice, is sore.

  • There is a really good chance that Marshawn Lynch will be back, if we can keep playing games it will help. The more we can play the better his chances are, so we will see. He is still off-site rehabbing.

  • C-Mike is really fired up and looking forward to helping.

  • Tough goes can humble a player and charge them up to take advantage of an opportunity (in regards to C-Mike getting cut from a bunch of places lately).

  • Have seen a variety of ways defenses are trying to attack Russell Wilson.

  • Christine had a really good off-season. He was in great shape and was really serious. He did a good job, but in camp the competition (Rawls) caught up with him.

  • Browns had a great day in all aspects of their game against the 49ers.

  • Was really fired up about Kelcie McCray. He was in the right spots, he fit in correctly. He played fast and tackled well when he had the chances. He was two plays away from a phenomenal game (two small plays). Didn't have to change anything putting McCray in for Kam.

  • Do have to give McCray a break on ST if he starts at SS, but getting Brock Coyle back helps. Will be stretched thin on ST this week with DeShawn Shead's status up in the air (ankle).

  • Missed it, thinks Doug Baldwin was in (on the "incomplete" TD toe tap). Kicks himself for not challenging, didn't get good angles on the board during the game live. Not sure if there were the angles to overturn the call and it be a TD.

  • Carl Smith is the first guy Pete goes to in those situations, he has been around the longest. Carl is the best guy for Pete to go to, has the best background. Talked to Cassius Marsh about pointing out the ST jump that he got called for. Told him not to go into the neutral zone when pointing and to make sure to play the play when the ball is snapped.

  • Marcus Burley went through the walk-through, and Shead ran on the sidelines and looked good.

  • Carroll was asked if he has had talks about extending his contract which expires after next year: "No, not the time to talk about that."

  • Bryce Brown is fast and can catch the ball. He has a lot of good qualities, has shown them on film and in practice.

  • Michael Bennett has a sore toe, he knows how to manage this, think he will make it. Has had "this" for a long time.

  • Jordan Hill is still a ways off, doesn't have a timeline. DeMarcus Dobbs will try to practice today.

Richard Sherman:

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  • His hair is still sore. Has talked to his hair several times and they are still a little bit shaken up, aren't used to being treated that way.

  • There is some of what Russell does in Johnny, but not a lot.

  • Jeremy Lane is getting back into his rhythm. Getting his feet back under him. Is starting to step and kick.

  • McCray fit right in, he played assignment sound football. He was ready for the opportunity he knew the checks, he was efficient.

  • Talks about the difference between a quick receiver and a fast/speedy receiver. A quick guy might not have top line speed like in a 40 but they can get separation and get off the line clean.

  • Doug Baldwin's junior year was tough on him in college. He deserved better. But God works in mysterious ways and things are playing out like they should have in the first place. Right now Doug is the most prolific receiver in the NFL right now. Numbers never lie.

  • He is a pro-bowler because he has the least targets of the top-5 TD list. He is 3rd right now Sherm thinks, with 11 TD's, one spot away from being number 1 in the league with receiving TD's for a guy who is probably the least targeted by far. Don't think the other receivers could have dealt with what he dealt with, waiting to get his opportunities.

  • Doug has always tried his best to not care about stats but it gets to you, you get to the Super Bowl and media guys who don't know what they are talking about tell the world that the receivers are the biggest weakness on the team. It is unfortunate they had to deal with that ridicule from people who don't even know the game.

  • Brandon Mebane and Ahtyba Rubin have been incredible. They have been stout and efficient and incredible. Rubin has been a phenomenal addition for us. Mebane has been constant force. So thankful to have Mebane this year. One of these days they will get recognition he hopes.

  • Agrees with Mike Pettine that if you are talking about body of work those guys (Brady etc) are better than Russ, but if you are talking about the last four games, Sherm disagrees, no one is playing better.

Christine Michael:

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  • It is a blessing first off to be back, with the guys that drafted him, to give all he can to this team. That's all it's about right now.

  • His reaction was "wow" to getting called by Seattle. Had been keeping up with Seattle the whole season. Keeping up with those guys throughout the whole season, have been doing a heck of a job. First thing he thought is "you gotta go work, they are doing too good of a job."

  • It was difficult being traded but he knows Pete Carroll and John Schneider are good at what they do. It was a good decision for them at the time or whatever. It is all okay, it is all about right now, that is what's on his mind.

  • Uses the word "humbling experience" when evaluating himself after being on other teams.

  • Told John he is here to work and give all he has, that is all he can do and all he wants to do.

  • Is happy to be back here, with the guys that drafted him, with the guys he calls his brothers.

  • In training camp what he could have done better is consistency. Was told that some days he will be on a roll then on others he will disappear. He knows that. He has to show consistency, work like the other guys like Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, the guys on the defense.

  • Haven't had a chance to talk to Marshawn Lynch yet, but is sure he will at some point.

  • Don't know where he will fit in in regards to reps.

  • Seahawks is a great team, great coaching staff, great fan base, the other teams are too but right now he has to be onboard with these guys and get going.

Relevant Tweets:

  • @Curtis_Crabtree Seahawks re-signed WR B.J. Daniels and DT Justin Hamilton to their practice squad today.

Seahawks Practice Report:


  • Marshawn Lynch (abdomen)

Did Not Participate:

  • Anthony McCoy (knee/ankle)
  • Kam Chancellor (pelvis)
  • Jordan Hill (toe)
  • DeShawn Shead (ankle)
  • Cliff Avril (NIR)
  • Michael Bennett (toe)

Limited Participation:

  • Luke Willson (rib)
  • Demarcus Dobbs (concussion)