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Seahawks vs. Browns: Pro Football Focus Signature Stats notes

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To preview the Seahawks vs. Browns matchup for Sunday, our friend from Pro Football Focus, Jim Seki, sent over some notes on a few signature stats. Here's what Jim had to say (and follow him on twitter).

Signature Stats:

-- Bryce Brown historically tends to run more to the left, which is beneficial since any run outside of left guard for the Seahawks this year has averaged 6.5 yards.

-- Johnny Manziel is actually not bad on throws over 20+ yards -- €”he's gone 9-13 for 364 with three touchdowns and no picks. He also has the highest drop rate by WRs (9.43%) among quarterbacks.

-- Manziel is tied with Ryan Mallett with the biggest YPA differential with and without play action. He actually leads the league at 11.3 YPA on play action passes.

-- Browns TE Gary Barnidge leads the team in targets (97) and is really the only receiving threat. His targets by route: hitch 19, go 17, crossing 16, quick out 14

-- Unlike the last couple weeks, the Browns will have competent tackles so the Seahawks pass rush will have to be more successful towards the interior of the line. With Dobbs not 100% and Hill iffy to play, Frank Clark will need to regain his form from a couple weeks ago.

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