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3000 NFL Mock Draft: Dan Hatman of The Scouting Academy talks scouting

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This week on 3000 NFL Mock Draft, we talk to Dan Hatman of The Scouting Academy. Dan, who has previously been a guest on Real in the Field Gulls, is a former scout with the Eagles, Jets, and Giants. He has worked under Wade Phillips, Jerry Angelo, Louis Riddick, Chris Palmer and others, scouting pro players for NFL teams. He has since left the league to work as director of scouting at The Scouting Academy, which aims to teach people how to ... well ... Scout!

We talk with Dan about his recent comments regarding Derrick Henry and the fourth round, as well as basic scouting philosophies, draft philosophies, team needs, Seahawks needs, whether or not the scouting game has changed in part because of Pete Carroll, and more. In the second half of the show, me and Rob talk about the Seahawks.

(It's not a dream scenario for me to add note about audio quality two weeks after doing so with Miles Killebrew, but Dan's audio didn't end up coming through as smooth as we would have hoped. That's my fault. We're still learning the best ways to go about this technologically, so hopefully this caveat never has to be added in again. All you gotta do is listen carefully to what Dan's saying and after a few minutes, I think it evens out)

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