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Seahawks vs. Rams: Seahawks press conference notes, injury report

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll, Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Kris Richard, and Tom Cable talked to reporters on Wednesday. I took notes.

Coach Carroll:

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  • This is another chance to work on getting better. Focus on fundamentals. Try to get a little bit better. Really interesting opponent. They present unique problems is how well they run the football. Good match-up for us.

  • There have been some changes on both sides of the ball. Lost some guys defensively and offensively they made some coaching changes and the RB and QB are different. Interesting week.

  • It is another good test for the offensive line with how talented the Rams defensive line is. Hopefully we will handle it really well.

  • Aaron Donald is really, really quick, he penetrates run and pass. He is a factor beating blocks and chasing the football. He has explosion and a get-off that gives him a big advantage.

  • Understands from a report Marshawn Lynch is really doing well, and is working really hard and when he is ready to get back to football he can jump back in. Not sure if he will be ready next week.

  • Kam Chancellor has been able to run on the Ultra-G machine but we will see. He is optimistic to play this week, we will see what happens.

  • It is possible for Marshawn to return, we are fortunately going to be playing longer (playoffs) and the longer we can play the better our chances of getting him back.

  • What he is going through is basically the program he goes through in the off-season. Thinks that is what is best for him, doesn't have to be at the facility.

  • Russell Okung is going to see what happens through the week. Has a little calf problem he is trying to work through. Unless something is defined on Friday it will be a game time decision.

  • Brandon Mebane worked so hard to get back from his hamstring injury. He has had a really good year for us.

  • Think regardless of the season's story it is something to be appreciated that so many guys were voted to the Pro-Bowl. Interesting to see Mike Bennett get in late in his career and Tyler Lockett at the start of it. We have gratitude because so many guys here are responsible for that. The guys they work against and the standard of practice. Pretty impressive to have that many guys on the defensive side, and to have Russell Wilson gets to go again. To recognize that five other guys got recognized as well, that's good. Exciting to see that.

  • Thought KJ Wright has had a great year and could have easily been recognized. Maybe it is the year you setup the next year's opportunity. KJ had a great season. Rams have been a monster to deal with defensively. We've also had to deal with their kicking game. Those two phases are the way to control a football game, add a running game and that is a really good winning formula.

  • When you take your leading tackler and start him at SS (Kelcie McCray) and have DeShawn Shead at CB and not on ST, it gives deeper guys opportunities to play on ST. You can see the impact of losing those guys on ST. We have a chance to get Kam back and work Jeremy Lane in so we can get McCray and Shead back on ST.

  • Growth from the guys upfront has helped defend the blitz. And the execution is better when it happens. The timing getting the ball out is better to which helps.

  • Richard Sherman has had another terrific season. He was close to making two or three picks earlier in the year which he wishes he could have back but he rarely gets targeted. He has done a really good job being a leader.

  • Sherman is different. When he was on the rise he was battling for everything he can get, he still does that but he has a different perspective now. Think he has a voice that is listen to different because of all he has been through. He handles himself in a manner that draws respect of other players. Also has a tremendous point of view, and people look up to that. His power as a leader has grown.

  • Sherman is still very demonstrative but it is directed more towards what is going in the game and the guys he is playing with. He is a very responsible teammate. He turns it towards his teammates more than where it used to go.

  • Russell doesn't talk about defenses that wear him out or give him the hardest time. He might talk about individuals but he isn't going to give that to somebody.

  • Maintaining the balance of running-passing is the formula for winning. We don't go out to just "establish the run", we go out to try to win the game. It can be misleading if you think "they are a run first team and that is all they do," Pete doesn't think that is what we are presenting to our opponents, but we have a great commitment to run the ball. For all the football gods that have ever spoken about this game in history; this game is won on the ground on both sides of the ball. You have to be able to do that if you want to be a long term consistent winning team. So we have been committed that way for a long time. Glad the numbers show that. Why Pete was really excited the new runners game in and made an impact and ran for 180 yards.

  • Jordan Hill and Anthony McCoy are working back but haven't been able to practice yet.

  • Loves what J.R. Sweezy has done. Love that the scouting staff found out he was a potential guy, along with Tom Cable's evaluation. The commitment to him to make the transition, along with finding the guy that is willing to do that. He got killed his first game but has developed and is a tremendous teammate on this team, is so tough.

Richard Sherman:

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  • Pro-Bowl voters did okay, still think Doug Baldwin should have made it, Hauschka has been an alternate for three years, KJ Wright is having the best year of his life, and you'd think he made it. But with how they are judging defensive ends and linebackers now, a lot of these linebackers play DE and rush the passer while they are still categorized as a linebacker. Hurts his case, but wish he would have made it.

  • Failed to take into account Haushka's ping-pong ability. One of the most outstanding ping-pong players in this league. Should have a spot in the pro-bowl for it. Fans aren't happy and want more excitement? Let Haushka play some ping pong.

  • For good reason sack numbers are focused on. But in our defense, our outside linebacker won't rush the passer 60-70% of the snaps. They aren't taking that into account.

  • Has helped younger guys since he has been here. "Each one teach one" is the motto and mentality here. Want the young guys catch on quick and help them understand.

  • Marcus Trufant did that for Sherman, he lead by example, had an incredible work ethic and mind for the game.

  • Tye Smith is Sherm's "little guy, call him blank-sheet of paper."

  • Tye has progressed incredibly well, but he is behind some pretty good guys like Shead, Marcus Burley and Jeremy Lane. He is night and day from where he was at the beginning of the year. He has progressed well with his technique and understanding of the game.

  • Has continued to evolve every year, has brought a new aspect to his game every year.

  • A lot of mental lapses, mistakes and a couple egregious errors happened in that first Rams game that aren't happening now.

  • Thinks the Norman/Beckham thing is unfortunate. Both sides were in the wrong. They will learn from it and grow. Think there is a little too much scrutiny on it. It is still football, a violent game. Obviously there were plays by Odell that aren't a part of the game, but there were plays by both sides that aren't in the game. Think they understand that and want to move past it but the media wants to show it as much as they can.

  • Doesn't play like that, goes out there to win football games not fight anybody.

  • In practice he tells the opposing player if they are giving something away, help them beat him.

  • Rams don't look any different, are running the same offense, same plays.

  • No good presents for his son. Gonna get him a ball pit, things that will keep him occupied. Won't get anything super nice until he earns it. Gotta at least be able to talk or do something to earn the gift. Won't just spoil him to spoil him.

Michael Bennett:

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  • Got a lot of guys that got a lot of notoriety this year, because obviously we are a great team. A lot of guys missed out, like Cliff Avril, Mebane is playing at a high level, Baldwin, the list can get on and on. They are still playing great football it doesn't take away from anything.

  • Think the Rams have a pretty good team, a lot of good plays.

  • Goes to the pro-bowl every year, he lives in Hawaii. Can see the pro-bowl from his house.

  • Think getting to the playoffs feels good for Ahytba Rubin. Thinks he was a really great addition to our team.

  • Doesn't admire any man but himself. Likes what the Rams are doing with their defensive line. Thinks the Hawks D-line is better but thinks they have a lot of great players on their team, they do a lot of great things especially pass rushing.

  • Thought Mebane would be tired after he chased down the ball 20 yards. Thinks he will be in the Ring of Honor for how long he has been here and what he has done. If you look back and think about all the Mike linebackers he has been in-front of and all the tacklers they have there has to be a reason. He is one of the main reasons there have been so many successful linebackers through here.

Kris Richard:

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  • Rams offense is Todd Gurley carrying the ball a whole lot. Gotta bring all 11 to the party for this one here.

  • The big thing is tackling when dealing with Austin. Gonna have to put our body on him and wrap him up and bring him down.

  • No changes with the different QB. Case Keenum is doing a good job managing the offense for them.

  • Rams have always been a running team, new O.C. hasn't changed that.

  • "Take up space" is the job description of Mebane and Rubin.

  • The life blood of our defense is effort, seeing Rubin and Mebane chase after the ball...that was 650lbs chasing a guy that is about 170 who is really fast. That energizes the whole group who couldn't see it. Makes a huge difference.

  • McCray looked committed, making good tackles in space, made good quick decision, what they expected to see from him.

Coach Bevell:

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  • Merry Christmas everybody. Have a division opponent coming in here. Obviously a lot has changed since week 1. Gonna be a huge challenge dealing with their pressure package. Gonna be a big focus for us. Gotta continue to make strides in the protection and 3rd down area.

  • This will be a great test for this offense, their defense is second in the league in 3rd down. They present such great problems with their personnel and pressure packages.

  • There are some plays Russell will use exclusively with where the offense is on the field or if it is 3rd down.

  • Everybody has come together to make everybody look better. It started from the front 5 and worked its way out.

  • Excited about what we are doing but in no means are we done. It's a week in and week out thing.

  • Fred has been great for us, particularly on 3rd down. That catch last week was so nonchalant like "yeah I got this thing" and got a big conversion for us. He is almost like a 5th WR out there, his hands are phenomenal. Know he can handle all the 3rd down protection and everything.

  • Really liked that C-Mike was doing things right, and really liked the tenacity he was running with. Was lowering and running behind his pads. He has a fierceness to him, liked seeing that.

  • The game is a small sample size but think C-Mike has grown up a little bit. Got to understand how valuable the opportunities you get are and how quickly those opportunities can be gone. He did a great job but a small sample size. Hopefully for his and our sake it continues.

Tom Cable:

  • Are you counting on Marshawn being back for the playoffs? Tom: We're counting on him to get healthy whenever that is and then once that happens, it's for him to come back in and be able to adapt to this football team and the way it acts and the way it's moving right now collectively. That will be his challenge, but right now his number one thing is getting healthy.

  • How much of a challenge will that be for him? Tom: I think if he's right and ready to go and all that... I've said this before; he's a fine football player. So it's his ability to adapt to us, really, who we are and how we've come together as a group and a team.

  • In what ways have you changed since he's been out? Tom: I see us being a little more detailed. I see us playing at a very high tempo, accepting challenges, overcoming issues when they show up whether it's in a game or practice. I think we're growing up in a big way and so I think maturity is probably the thing that stands out to me more than anything and that's across the board."

  • "I think it's been a while since you've had that dominant a player in the NFL (at defensive tackle)."

Seahawks Injury Report:


  • Marshawn Lynch (abdomen)

Did Not Participate:

  • Doug Baldwin (hamstring)
  • Anthony McCoy (knee/ankle)
  • Russell Okung (calf)
  • Kam Chancellor (pelvis)
  • Jordan Hill (toe)
  • Cliff Avril (NIR)
  • Jeremy Lane (knee)

Limited Participation:

  • Jermaine Kearse (calf)
  • Michael Bennett (toe)

Full Participation:

  • Deshawn Shead (ankle)

My Thoughts:

  • Wow, okay so if you were wondering what this teams offense would look like when Marshawn gets back we just got our answer. Strong words and implications from Coach Cable. Maybe this will help some of you guys on here (r/Seahawks) who strongly believe we are the exact same team now than we were with Marshawn in the backfield. Seems like the general message is: This is not your team anymore, jump in and play your part if you want to be a part of this offense. I think the coaches have seen what their offense can look like and play-calling with no obligations to feed the ball to anyone looks like and they love it. I am not saying this team wouldn't be better with Jimmy and Marshawn, but I don't think the coaches will ever allow themselves to be pressured (by fans, media or the players) to feed the ball to anyone, no matter how high profile they are.

  • McCoy is hurt still? Unless he is practicing and is good to go this week I wonder if the IR him and bring up a WR (we only have 4 on the roster right now). Would be cool to activate Kasen Williams and see what he can do.

  • Though the Rams pass rush is nothing to scoff at, I am confident in Alvin Bailey at LT as long as he gets the week to practice and study, gets the first team reps. He proved to me he can handle himself when we played the Cowboys and he handled Greg Hardy.