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Seahawks Cigar Thoughts Broadcast: Week 16

Big show this week, as Jacson is joined by Dannk Kelly, Brent Cole, and national championship offensive linemen Matt Nichols and Isaac Williams.

Dude, just slay. It's, like, SO much more fun.
Dude, just slay. It's, like, SO much more fun.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

As the Seahawks continue to build momentum heading into the playoffs, so does this show. Last week, we got a taste of some real nuts-and-bolts football talk from Matt Nichols and today we follow that up not only with Matt, but Isaac Williams as well. Williams was the captain of the Pacific Lutheran University football team in the late '90s and he and Nichols played OL together at an All Conference level and ultimately won a national championship.

We turn those two loose on our brains in the second segment and it's a special thing to sit back and enjoy. Before that, Brent, Danny, and I chop up the Seahawks' win over the Browns, Christine Michael's potential breakout, and a look ahead to the Rams. Finally, we close the show with a five-person roundtable discussion about the playoffs, Pro Bowl selections, and more.

Again, a huge thank you to Joel Litwin of Red Candle Productions for making us look and sound like pros, and to the Glow Nightclub in downtown Bellingham for all of the comforts, potable and otherwise, that they provide us with each week.

Was really cool to see a crowd come out for the show, and we hope to see more of you come grab a drink with us in the future.


Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and we'll catch you again next week. In the meantime, make your yuletide gay.

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