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Doug Baldwin injury update: Pete Carroll says it could be a game-time decision

Notes from Pete Carroll's Thursday press conference.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll updated the Doug Baldwin injury situation and talked about Seattle's matchup with the Rams on Sunday. I took notes.

Coach Carroll:

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  • Is Doug Baldwin okay? Pete: "Think so, yeah we will find out. He is going to do a little more work tomorrow. He'll go all the way to game-time. But he feels very good. But we are still going to be slow to bring him back." He had a little bit of a muscle that was bothering him, not sure if it is a pull, but he's had a lot of work lately so we are giving him a break on it.

  • Russell Okung is wait and see. He couldn't do anything today. He is questionable, we will see what happens. We'll see if he if we can upgrade him or downgrade him. All the way to game-time.

  • Kam Chancellor was better of yesterday, but didn't make a lot of progress today. He is wait and see, didn't practice today.

  • The corner situation is good for us, we are in good shape right now. DeShawn Shead looks totally back and ready to play. We have some options. Both Jeremy Lane and Shead can go, who starts will be a game time decision. Both are ready to start.

  • Lane is well equipped to play the nickel spot, he does a nice job there. But we are really happy to see him play outside and get reps there. Think it makes us better for whatever the needs are. Will look at matchups at slot, Marcus Burley has done a good job too. He had a big game last week. We have flexibility there. Look at the matchups and make a decision and reveal that in our game plan.

  • Christine Michael and Bryce Brown are ready to go. Both guys know there is a place for them. They are comfortable with that and are happy. Both guys on really on it.

  • Still will be a "hot hand" at running back. Also have Derrick who can play there too who will give us good plays when we need him.

Seahawks Injury Report:


  • Marshawn Lynch (abdomen)

Did Not Participate:

  • Doug Baldwin (hamstring)
  • Anthony McCoy (knee/ankle)
  • Russell Okung (calf)
  • Kam Chancellor (pelvis)
  • Jordan Hill (toe)

Limited Participation:

  • Michael Bennett (toe)

Full Participation:

  • Deshawn Shead (ankle)
  • Cliff Avril (NIR)
  • Jeremy Lane (knee)
  • Jermaine Kearse (calf)

My Thoughts:

  • I hope Doug is able to play. Don't get me wrong, if he plays and aggravates the injury I will be super bummed and upset they weren't more conservative, but if he practices and full stretches and feels good to go I hope he plays because I want him to continue dominating the league, and because he is also a HUGE piece of our offense. I don't normally care about stats, but the idea of Doug ending the season with 1,000 receiving yards (first Hawk WR to do that since '07) is so cool. Also the idea of him ending the season with 15 receiving TD's is insane and if he can end the season as the NFL Receiving TD leader? Wow.

  • But if he can't play I will not be surprised at all to see Anthony McCoy get IR'ed and a WR (Kasen Williams is my bet) get added to the 53-man roster on Saturday. Then I think Tyler Lockett or Kevin Smith play more in the slot and Kearse and Kasen play outside. Bummer we lost BJ Daniels.

  • I am okay with Okung taking this game off and Bailey playing. Bailey has scared me when he comes in to fill in for a injured playing mid-game with some bad play (understandable though), but when he gets an entire week to practice with 1st team reps and he knows he will most likely start? I liked him against the Cowboys (Greg Hardy).

  • God I hope to see more of what we saw from C-Mike against the Browns when we play the Rams. If he reverts to his old ways of running the ball I will be so disappointed. I also want to see more solid play from Brown. What is cool about Brown is Pete said it's been a long time since he's played, that he hasn't had a snap count that high in a LONG time, so he was getting his legs and eyes it isn't crazy to assume he could continue to get better and it would be cool to see that against the Rams.

  • I'd like to get Kam back because we are going up against Todd Gurley and a heavy run team in the Rams, but I really like Kelcie McCray. I don't know that you can say he helped shut AP down when he came in for Kam during the Vikings game because I think by the time Kam left injured the Vikings had basically abandoned running the ball with AP.

  • I really like what we got going at CB. For secondary patch work we are very lucky to have guys of Lane, Shead, and Burley's quality rather than guys of Cary Williams quality. Shead could be really average but he is solid, in fact he is even better than solid because he brings a level of play making by breaking up passes and reportedly he is the king of punching balls out in practice (like Maxwell used to be). Then we got Lane who is a damn good CB, especially in the slot (where we have seen him most, maybe he is damn good on the outside as well). He is also physical and a ball hawk and a LOB member. Burley might not fully be up to their level but I feel he is solid and brings some of those special traits to the table as well (can get picks, can sack a QB, is a really good tackler, is solid in coverage). Overall I feel like we got two OG LOB members on this team (both Lane and Shead are home grown LOB members) and then a kinda honorary LOB member in Burley. Where as a guy like Cary Wililams even at his best was never a LOB type guy. He didn't play with swag, wasn't a ball hawk, wasn't breaking up passes or anything per-se. Being able to decide who to start at nickel and outside based on match-ups is cool. Though I will say I think our secondary solidifies and plays to its '12-'14 level when we get Tharold Simon locking down that CB2 job and J-Lane has locked down that slot CB job.