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Seahawks vs. Rams: Pete Carroll, Doug Baldwin, and Russell Wilson presser notes

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Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, receiver Doug Baldwin, and quarterback Russell Wilson spoke to reporters after Seattle's loss to the Rams. I took notes.

Coach Carroll:

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  • This was a day you want to forget. Couldn't get out of our own way from the start on. Had a really difficult time at the line of scrimmage. The 16 point deficit, we can come back from that but we gotta get out of our own way. Made it really really hard on ourselves. Defensively we hung in pretty well but we needed to get the ball and score on defense and that didn't happen. On offensive we just didn't get it done at all. Hopefully this isn't a sign of anything other than we need to put it behind us and move forward. We rarely look like this.

  • Not gonna take anything away from them, they had a nice win today. However we snapped the ball crazy and turned it over three times and had the penalties. Very much our doings.

  • Think Patrick Lewis thought we were under center on that one mis-snap.

  • Don't think having Alvin Bailey in for Russell Okung had an effect, but has to watch the film.

  • No sign that the team let up having clinched the playoffs.

  • Always like the positive thinking of the loss waking the team up. Gotta see how we bounce back next week. We'll see.

  • Didn't block very well today on the line of scrimmage in regards to the run game. They penetrated and made plays in the backfield. When we run for 60 yards we are not on it.

  • Earl Thomas felt he was on the ball the whole time but the refs said they think 61 clearly had it. They obviously had discrepancy pointing both ways.

  • Russell Wilson got hit pretty good today, that isn't great. He was working hard, there was penetration on pass rush. There wasn't a lot of time to throw the ball like we have had. Way behind on staying on schedule, a lot of second and longs. A lot of 1st and penalties, very difficult.

  • Field position was huge, we give them the ball on great field position and they score. That rarely happens.

  • Luke Willson has a concussion. Don't know how serious it is, couldn't come back.

  • Tyler Lockett got banged but came back in.

  • Cassius Marsh had an ankle but went back in.

  • Cooper Helfet got hit in the thigh but came back in.

  • Lot of five-man rushes today.

  • We'll see about the report that Marshawn Lynch will be back to practice next week in the next couple of days.

  • Okung wouldn't have played if this game would have had playoff clinching repercussions.

Doug Baldwin:

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  • Have a lot of things to improve on. Can't take from what the Rams got (front 7). Always say though it isn't about the other team it is "about us." The Rams always "play us tough." Would like to get the win but are very good at correcting mistakes.

  • Will think about his individual accomplishments when he retires.

  • Didn't stay on schedule on offense.

  • Weren't able to get the running game where we wanted. Weren't as efficient as we'd like to be, plus the penalties and turnovers you put yourself in a corner.

  • When you become one-dimensional it becomes easy for the opposing team to take advantage of that one dimension. Gotta give a lot of credit to the Rams defense, they game planned us really well doing a lot of stuff we didn't see on tape. Russell stayed consistent with his attitude and demeanor.

  • Threw a lot of Cover-2 (high) at us, more than they usually use against other teams on tape. Another opportunity to play Seahawks football against the Cardinals. Looking forward to playing them. Hamstring issue is fine.

  • Re-focus, you win some you learn some. Look at the film and get better. Looks at the positive in everything so this shows them there are some things that need correcting. Glad it happened now rather than in the playoffs.

Russell Wilson:

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  • Unfortunate today, weren't able to stay on schedule. Had some weird mishaps that we don't normally have. We kept battling and had a change, that is all you can ask for.

  • Russell Wilson, how battered were you today? "It's football...I'm fine. I'm good to go"

  • Think ultimately we stopped ourselves. We need to stay on schedule.

  • They made a few good plays; they have a great defensive line. Think a couple of things were on him, needing to get the ball out quicker.

  • So exciting for Doug to break records and hit 1,000 yards receiving. His work ethic is unrelenting. He is a champion on and off the field. He doesn't care about the personal accolades. He is an All-Pro receiver.

  • We all make one or two funky plays every once in a while. Patrick has been so consistent you can't doubt him. Get to come back next week and battle. O-line fought their tails off all game. Wouldn't want to play behind anyone else. Circle the wagons and show up next week.

  • Was going to go outta bounds and felt he could get to the end zone on the fumble. Sometimes you try to fight and make a play. Unfortunately he went down. It is what it is.

  • No place like home but Russell loves playing on the road. Want to get redemption on the field in Arizona (loss in SB49 happened in Arizona).

  • Struggled in the running game. Has to study the film first before he makes any comments on it. We were trying to take a shot down the field on the INT. Tyler fought for the ball but unfortunately they came down with it. It was a long punt.

Relevant Tweets:

  • @Softykjr Patrick Lewis had tears in his eyes in locker room. Called his performance "unacceptable"

  • Lewis said he might snap 100 balls tomorrow. Wet balls

  • @kjrmitch Mr Playoffs: If Seahawks beat Cardinals, they are 5 seed IF Packers win NFC North (beat Min next week).

  • Mr Playoffs: If Seahawks beat Cardinals AND Vikings win North (beat GB), Hawks are number 6 and travel to 3 seed (Min).

  • @JacsonBevens Here's the thing, today doesn't really change much for/about the Seahawks in my mind...Even if this loss costs the Seahawks the #5 seed... if the diff between playing at GB/MIN or at WAS is the diff between a win and a loss then the Seahawks weren't going to win the Super Bowl anyway.

  • @scohenPI Richard Sherman said missed jam, bad footwork led to Kenny Britt touchdown.

  • @dannyoneil Michael Bennett on the #Rams: "The Rams, they play good football against us. They just don't play good football against everybody else."

  • @gbellseattle Michael Bennett on Rams' Todd Gurley "he's average to me, personally...I've seen better running backs....he's no Marshawn Lynch" #Seahawks

  • @gbellseattle Kasen Williams smiled when I asked him about finally making into an NFL game "I've been waiting a long time, 2 years." #Seahawks #UWHuskies

  • @Curtis_Crabtree Garry Gilliam: "They showed up. We didn't. They came to play and we didn't. Got to be better."

  • @Softykjr Seahawks have never had a QB throw for 4000 yards. Russell Wilson is 173 yards away from becoming the first. Russell Wilson at 31 passing TDs. Needs 2 next Sunday to break Dave Kriegs record of 32 in 1984.

My Thoughts:

  • While I hate that Luke Willson got a concussion (HATE brain injuries) and that the Seahawks are so thin at TE now, I am really, really really happy we left this game sustaining no injuries that would hold players out next week or into the playoffs.

  • I HATED this game, not specifically because Seattle lost it, even if they won it in the last few minutes I would have hated it. I hate how poorly Seattle played. It was so sloppy and so inconsistent and it just looked like the Seahawks from the first half of this season. And we all know why; it all comes down to who wins on the line of scrimmage. They couldn't consistently run block and couldn't consistently pass pro so it ended up being the scramble show on offense, and on defense did they get a single sack? The lack of defensive play making hurt them big time, along with Sherm getting burnt for a TD.

  • I added the @JacsonBevens tweets because I agree with them. Even with a loss to the Cards next week (which I hope doesn't happen obviously) it doesn't really matter to me. If the Seahawks can't beat the Packers, Vikings or WA D.C. team then we most likely weren't going to be good enough to beat the Panthers, Cards or whoever we'd play in the Super Bowl. All three are pretty equally beatable to me.

  • Next week is all about putting good play out there, looking like a team that can beat a playoff team (Cards) and as we do it I hope we break some records. Wanna see Russ get 4,000 yards passing and 33+ passing TD's and Doug get another receiving TD and i'd love to see non-stat related things like; CMike putting up a big game, the O-line doing a solid job, and who knows maybe a Tyler return TD.