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Seahawks lose to Rams: Pete Carroll Monday press conference notes

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll spoke to reporters Monday afternoon. I took notes.

Coach Carroll:

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  • Most disappointing part of yesterday was how different we looked from what we have been. But he is going to view it as a bad game, not indicative of regression. Sees us still as the team that did what we have done the past 5-6 weeks.

  • Russell Wilson is okay. Is a good athlete, has got some ninja in him. Gonna make it and will be fine for this week. Couldn't tell how the running backs played.

  • In the first half we missed stuff on O-line. Calls and technique things, it wasn't getting beat physically that was the problem. Fixed that in the second half but by then the score was a certain way that we needed to pass.

  • Luke Willson is making marked improvements. Something we treat very seriously. Is already making progress which is a really good sign, usually guys make no progress in their first 2-3 days.

  • Marshawn Lynch has a big day today and tomorrow working out, he has a chance if those days go back to back and work out. Those workouts are happening down south and if he clears he will come up here on Wednesday.

  • Russell Okung, Kam Chancellor and Jordan Hill are making progress, there is a chance they can make it back. Could be really healthy going into this last game of the season if they get healthy.

  • Going to treat this exactly like it is a championship football game with the travel and the trip and everything.

  • Kelcie McCray played real solid. Had 10 tackles in the game. Had a couple plays -- as all the guys do -- that he'd like to get back. Had chances to make plays and did. Is doing a really nice job. Have been really pleased with how he has played the last few weeks.

  • Okung's absence was noticeable. Was big deal in terms of communication. Alvin Bailey was a bit unsettled at times. Good with some bad.

  • Did a few different things with Deshawn Shead and Jeremy Lane and it is playing out well. Allowed Shead to get playing time on ST.

  • Gonna take care of Michael Bennett's toe this week, see if we can make a little jump here. He is playing hard and tough, but you can see it a little bit. He will play but we'll do some things to help him. Have managed it the whole time he has been here.

  • Think it is fantastic that Doug Baldwin has the franchise record for TDs, and that he has 1,000 yards receiving. Think it is an indication of his toughness and dedication. Really fired up about it and happy for him.

  • Losing Luke did change what had to happen on offense, only having one TE. Luke is a big part of what we are doing.

  • First time Luke has ever had a concussion, but he has a marvelous ability to respond to injuries. Very unusual.

  • Think the overall approach to how you compete is why he doesn't rest guys. Don't think it is ever a good thing to train a player and team to not do that. Really exercise the rotations in a big way to take care of our guys and we will continue to do that.

  • Cooper Helfet and Cassius Marsh are fine.

  • Looks like it is one of three teams we will play in the playoffs. Of course will watch them. We have a background with a few of them, have played them lately.

  • Wanted Kasen Williams on the roster in case Doug was bothered by his injury.

  • Have a really good long standing relationship with the guys that are working Marshawn out.

  • Have to see Marshawn play football (in practice) to see if he can just plug in and be ready to play in a game that week.

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