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Cigar Thoughts Broadcast: Week 13

Jacson is joined by Matt and Danny to break down the Seahawks' wild win over the Steelers, look ahead to their matchup with Minnesota, and examine Seattle's playoff prospects.

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Hey guys, welcome back. Due to some holiday scheduling issues, we bring the show to you from the comforts of our respective homes. Joining me are Field Gulls' Lead Editor and Chief Dragon #1 Danny Kelly as well as former All-Conference (and national championship winning) PLU offensive lineman Matt Nichols. The two of them help me examine just exactly what we're looking at with the 2015 Seahawks and what we should anticipate moving forward. Really good stuff this week.

Note: the beginning of the video is a little rough but starts in earnest at the 00:10 mark. Cheers!

And in case you missed it earlier in the week, here is the Cigar Thoughts article that was written directly after the conclusion of the Seahawks-Steelers tilt.

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