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3000 NFL Mock Draft: Chip Kelly, Seahawks, and playoffs talk with Jacson Bevens

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

News broke shortly before we were set to record 3000 this week that the Philadelphia Eagles fired Chip Kelly on Tuesday. This just gave us a chance to talk about a major NFL story just as it was happening, but it also was an opportunity to talk about a coach that we've brought up many times on the show because Kelly was at Oregon four years ago, had unique personnel strategy, and was in draft news a lot last year for a supposed attempt to trade up like 18 spots for Marcus Mariota.

That didn't happen of course, but maybe Kelly will still get his man after all.

This week, Jacson Bevens joins me and Rob to talk about Kelly, where he could be headed, the AFC's incredibly unique playoff picture, Notre Dame football, next year's draft, and of course, the Seahawks. Yes, there is plenty of talk about the Seahawks and whether or not they are still a team capable of competing with the Cardinals legitimately both this week and in the playoffs.

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