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Pete Carroll, Richard Sherman press conference notes; Seahawks injury report

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Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman spoke to the media today. I took notes on what they said.

Pete Carroll:

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  • Last week of the regular season, we did it, we are here. Big time match-up this week. Arizona has been playing great football. Have been on a big run.

  • They are very aggressive up front on defense. The biggest thing we are up against is the turnovers. They have 33 this season so far. That can wreck a game.

  • Marshawn Lynch is day-to-day. He is in the final mode of his rehab. He is not ready yet to be here. Won't play this weekend. Their running back is a really good football player. He has been a scoring machine in the run and pass.

  • Would think Marshawn could make it back for the first round of the playoffs. We'll see what happens.

  • We've had a long run together with Marshawn. It's been a really good relationship of getting through it, helping him be the best he can be and him helping the team be the best it can be. Continue to work with him to make sure we are helping him in every way we can. The language we use with him is the same we used with the rest of our guys.

  • Trust the process of what has happened in the past with Marshawn's trainers. Really feel confident we are handling it the right way.

  • It is tremendously valuable to have Russell Wilson in every practice and walk through. Hate to think we would take it for granted but he is so steady and so consistent. Saw him get hit last week, he works really hard to make sure he is ready for the next day. He demonstrates the conscious to stay healthy and stay right even though he pushed the limits of it last week. The way he is able to maintain is pretty rare.

  • Have seen Russell continue to improve. His attitude and ability to attack the challenges is demonstrated in how he has put together what it probably his most productive season.

  • Really know who Russell is as a player. He is not going to give the ball away. It is huge for us. Turning over the football is huge, just look at what happens when you do (Rams game).

  • So far Marshawn has put together back to back days with his team. He needs to continue to do that till they get him right.

  • There is still some discomfort for him. He is still trying to establish the consistency of coming back the next day and show he can get back out there. But he is still not quite over the hump yet.

  • Under these circumstances because he has always trained with his guys, we think they understand this phase of his preparation better than we do. Totally support what he is doing. They are working him out all day long basically and they are giving him great care. He hasn't worked out here in the off-season in his career, always works out down there and shows up in amazing shape.

  • Need to see what Marshawn looks like to know if he needs time to get up to speed. If a guy could do it he could do it.

  • Carson Palmer has great savvy, he gets the game and his legs are good, better then they have been in past years. He did a very good job sliding around and moving when we played him last.

  • Really like the group of Cardinals WRs because of their diversity and their styles. Larry Fitzgeral has 100+ catches and is so special with Carson. John Brown is a big time threat and a catch and run guy. And Michael Floyd has developed as a really good clutch guy to go to, has a big role in their offense. They are a very bold throwing football team and those guys fit that very well.

  • Luke Willson is still going through the concussion protocol, will have to wait and see but he has made progress every day.

  • Great to have Jeremy Lane back, but we won't find out who they decide to start at outside CB till game time.

  • Russel Okung went through the walkthrough so he is on his way back. Kam is still day to day and didn't take part in the walkthrough.

  • DeShawn Shead is big enough to play inside and fast enough to play outside. Has been with us so long that he has had the opportunity to go through the process through how to play our scheme. Big investment in that regard.

  • Luke being out effects us some. Cooper Helfet filled in and we used the linemen as the big TE guys to fit the position up. We have to make adjustments with Luke out because he is the regular on offense.

  • Michael Bennett is going through a procedure to deal with his toe. Don't know how it will work out until later in the week. Could be a situation where we hold him out of the game. Injection procedure that takes a couple of days to get done.

  • Fred Jackson has been a really good addition. He does everything we want him to do. Has been really sharp and consistent. He is a great guy in the program. Just addresses playing in Glendale in that it is not a big deal.

  • Pretty unique to have three Huskies on the field at the same time, all undrafted.

  • Chase Coffman is ready to play for us. He has practiced really well. He is a very good catcher and route runner. Anxious to get him a chance to play. He is ready to jump in.

  • Red Bryant is playing huge just like you'd think. What a great deal for him to come back to a team that is winning and all of that.

  • We aren't far off numbers wise on defense. The turnover numbers aren't where we'd like but all the other stats look good. We are within striking distance, we might run out of games to get on top of things but there are some guys playing really good D throughout the league too.

Richard Sherman:

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  • This defense is always the same. We limit people, we don't give up a lot of yards. Always gonna be in top 2, top 3, number 1 most of the time in yards, scoring, passing yards, rushing yards, is sure we are top 3 in those. Stay the course and continue to do what we have always done.

  • Getting Marshawn back for the playoffs would be great. He is a great player in his own respect and tremendous in the locker-room.

  • Cards rookie RB is breaking tackles and run hard, is doing everything they needed him to do.

  • Rest of the team is good with how Marshawn is handled by the organization. No question about his loyalty to the team or his work ethic. If he needs to rehab at home we are all for it. Know he keeps the team first in his heart.

  • Pretty happy with how he met the challenge of playing different spots this year. Has given up 29 completions on the year, would be great for anybody but him, is an "off year" for him. Tries to stayed mentality prepared, sometimes he has had to travel sometimes he hasn't had to move at all. Think he has done a good job.

  • Earl Thomas is a warrior and is incredibly stubborn in everything he does. He is going to find a way to conquer in everything in his life. He focuses on things like that to make sure it is a strength not a weakness. Is very rarely distracted.

  • Have not seen the Concussion movie. Sees the concussion movie every Sunday, for free. Don't need to go to the theater.

Seahawks Injury Report:


  • Marshawn Lynch (abdomen)

Did Not Participate:

  • Luke Willson (concussion)
  • Michael Bennett (toe)
  • Kam Chancellor (pelvis)
  • JR Sweezy (concussion)

Limited Participation:

  • Russell Okung (calf)
  • Cliff Avril (back)
  • Jordan Hill (toe)

My Thoughts:

  • Considering how hugely impactful Michael Bennett is, if having him not play against the Cardinals significantly helps the rehabilitation of his toe and if the FO has no preference between the 5th seed and the 6th seed, then I say we should sit him (inactive) this week. It isn't that I have a fear of him getting injured per-se, but more so thinking about how he was 70% during the Rams game (and our lack of hits & sacks on the QB), and if the procedure brings him to 80% but playing Sunday and then practicing next week keeps him at 80%, i'd rather us not have him play, go from 80% to 90% and in the first playoff game next week have him at 90% or better. Just my opinion, Pete seems to be the type where if you can play then you will play because always compete.

  • I really hope the Seahawks get Luke for the game Sunday, but if not I'll be curious to see what we get from the new TE Chase Coffman. Sounds like he isn't a blocking TE really at all but a receiving TE.