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Seahawks 3rd Down Notebook: Week 12, Pittsburgh Steelers

Breaking down the Seahawks' performance on third down against the Steelers.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks had perhaps their best day on 3rd down versus the Steelers, going 7-of-13 (53.8%) despite facing a median down and distance of 10 yards. At one point, the Seahawks converted five 3rd downs in a row -- the distances were as such: 6, 16, 10, 10, and 16. This was probably the most impressive 3rd down work of the season.

Wilson spread the ball around, hitting Tyler Lockett, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, and Jimmy Graham twice in this stretch.

The Seahawks followed that stretch with a drought -- four straight unsuccessful 3rd down attempts on very manageable situations (distances were 12, 4, 2, and 5). Despite the lull, they were able to rip off three touchdown drives in this section of the game without facing 3rd down (I believe two were set up by turnovers from the defense).

Fittingly, the crowning play of the game was on Drive 12 -- facing a 3rd and 10 deep in their own territory. Russell Wilson hit Doug Baldwin driving left to right for an 80-yard touchdown catch and run.

Seattle then capped the game with a 1-yard rush from Rawls on 3rd and 1 on the final drive before kneeling out the clock.

The Chart: