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Seahawks vs. Vikings: Pro Football Focus Signature Stat notes

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To preview the Seahawks huge matchup with the Vikings on Sunday morning, our insider over at Pro Football Focus, Jim Seki, sent over some notes on their signature stats. Here's what Jim had to say (and follow him on twitter). Great stuff as usual.

Signature Stats:

-- Russell Wilson ranks top-four in YPA (yards per attempt), NFL QB rating, completion rate, and PFF QB rating. Teddy Bridgewater is average (at best) in the same categories. The one thing Bridgewater does lead in is throwaways — he only had 20 all of last year, and already has 31 this season. Part of the reason could be that he leads the league in pressure rate. He and Wilson are both in the top-three, with Bridgewater leading the way at 48.1%. RW is not far behind at 44.0%.

-- On intermediate to deep passes, Bridgewater tends to throw to the left (41 attempts) more than he does to the right (30 attempts). It's not a huge difference, but he has 2 touchdowns to 1 interception to the left and 0 touchdowns and 3 interceptions to the right. We'll see what the defensive game plan is if Richard Sherman tracks the #1 WR, but if he locks down the LCB position and DeShawn Shead plays like he did last week, things should funnel nicely to Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas.

-- Of receivers that have played at least 25% of their team's offensive snaps, the Seahawks have THREE guys in the top ten in terms of WR rating. Tyler Lockett leads at 134.5, Doug Baldwin is second at 130.4, and Jermaine Kearse is eighth at 118.9. The top Vikings receiver is Stefon Diggs at 24th (105.4).

-- Adrian Peterson has 42 missed tackles forced on the year, but his yards after contact has been decreasing. From 2012 to now (excluding 2014), it's gone from 3.93 to 2.97 to 2.49. His elusive rating has also slid from 72.0 to 64.6 to 40.3. Seems to be more feast or famine though, since his 15 runs of 15+ yards is tied for the most in the NFL with Doug Martin. Thomas Rawls is not far behind with 12 runs of 15+ yards, and he's had only half the carries the other two have had.

-- The tackles vs defensive ends for both teams are key matchups this week — Russell Okung vs Everson Griffen on the left ,and Garry Gilliam vs Brian Robison on the right. Griffen lines up on the defense's right 95.1% of the time and his 41 QB pressures from there are third-most on the year. Robison lines up 88.8% of the time on the left and his 37 pressures are fourth-most from there. Vikings' RT T.J. Clemmings is one of the worst RTs in the league, and now has to try and contain Cliff Avril, who leads the league with 51 pressures from the left.

Opponent time to throw:

Opponent TTT
Team (defense) 2014 2015
NE 2.904 2.888
CHI 2.800 2.851
NO 2.668 2.839
SF 2.817 2.832
CAR 2.677 2.810
GB 2.664 2.756
SEA 2.698 2.690
NYG 2.837 2.683
IND 2.548 2.660
TEN 2.578 2.652
ARZ 2.755 2.650
SD 2.733 2.636
JAX 2.756 2.634
KC 2.605 2.629
CIN 2.717 2.604
BLT 2.512 2.597
DEN 2.682 2.592
OAK 2.575 2.591
DAL 2.644 2.589
NYJ 2.605 2.588
DET 2.577 2.585
MIA 2.554 2.579
MIN 2.682 2.578
ATL 2.741 2.561
TB 2.544 2.549
PHI 2.897 2.541
HST 2.586 2.515
WAS 2.753 2.515
CLV 2.781 2.508
PIT 2.662 2.464
SL 2.480 2.463
BUF 2.735 2.428
League Ave 2.682 2.628

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Thanks as always to Jim for working so closely with us to get you interesting stats and noteables every week.