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Seahawks vs. Vikings: Pete Carroll Friday presser notes; Seattle injury report

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke to media on Friday afternoon, previewing Seattle's matchup with the Vikings. I took some notes on what he said.

Coach Carroll:
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  • Had a really good week. Adjusted the tempo during the week to fit the needs of the players. Had a really high spirited week, looking forward to the trip.

  • Changed tempos a little bit, used some tempos we use at different times of the year and it worked out great.

  • Tempo change is just for this week.

  • Paul Richardson's hamstring just isn't coming back. Disappointed he hasn't be able to continue get back, it has lingered a little bit.

  • Doesn't look like we will get Paul back next week.

  • We'll see if we make a move next week in regards to Paul.

  • Losing Demarcus Dobbs and Jordan Hill calls for A.J. Francis to play for us. Other guys have to roll in to fill the spot.

  • We haven't seen a lot of A.J. Francis physically yet, have watched lot of tape. He plays big, we think he will hold the point real well. Be physical at the LOS.

  • Snap limiting (with D-line) is more about percentage of the game. Once the game takes shape after the first half they make adjustments going into the second half.

  • Jimmy Graham had his surgery. Everything has been reported really well. He was uncomfortable I know, with the next couple of days. He is fighting through it to get back. To start getting back. Looking forward to getting him back. It was a difficult surgery for him.

  • Doesn't know the long term of rehabbing, he is in Florida right now (in regards to when he comes back to the VMAC).

  • There is preparation for the stadium and the field and locker-room the day before the game.

  • Marcus Burley is coming back from an ankle, we think he is going to make it, he is listed as questionable but we think he can pull it off.

  • Jeremy Lane is ready to play some more. Excited about that, did some nice stuff last week. Looking forward to him getting more action. Got more plays than we thought he would last week so he is ready to go.

  • In working Paul out he could still feel it, so it just hasn't gone away yet like we hoped.

  • Completions and carries from the LOS, if you had 50 combined catches and rushes that usually spelled a winning effort. About 80% since Lombardi, who would say that (Known as "The Rule of 50" by Lombardi).

  • Adrian Peterson looks as good as he has ever looked. In his case he was obviously able to take advantage of the time off.

My Thoughts:
  • I really hope Paul can make it back soon and stay in the lineup the rest of the way (including a potential playoff run). The decision making of putting him on IR and starting Kasen Williams or to keep him on the roster and wait for him to get healthy isn't an easy one in my mind. There are pro's and con's all over the place.

  • Jeez I hope our D-line can hold up against AP. This is not the game to be without Dobbs and Hill and be starting a free agent DT who hasn't played a snap for us in a game.

  • I am very curious about this "tempo change" and what it means and will look like.

  • Granted Lane still has some rust and Burley isn't 100% but I will be very curious to see what our secondary looks like with Shead starting, Sherm potentially following Diggs (Teddy's favorite receiver) and Lane/Burley handling the nickel. The Vikings have the 31st ranked passing attack and if we can slow AP down then they have to go to the pass more than they'd like. If Sherman can shut down Diggs, if Lane/Burley and Shead can handle their receivers and if Kam/Linebacker can handle their TE, this looks to be like a low scoring game. Potentially the first team to 20 points probably wins it. If we can slow AP down I think we win.

Seahawks Injury Report:
  • Marshawn Lynch (abdomen)
  • Paul Richardson (hamstring)
  • Demarcus Dobbs (concussion)
  • Jordan Hill (toe)
  • Will Tukuafu (concussion)
  • Marcus Burley (ankle)
  • Patrick Lewis (knee)
  • Earl Thomas (hip)
  • Jeremy Lane (knee)
  • Michael Bennett (NIR)

Vikings Injury Report:
  • (DT) Linval Joseph (foot)
  • (S) Andrew Sendejo (knee)
  • (LB) Anthony Barr (hand/groin)
  • (S) Harrison Smith (knee)
  • (S) Robert Blanton (ankle)
  • (CB) Trae Waynes (ankle)