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Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson press conference notes

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and quarterback Russell Wilson spoke to reporters following their big win over the Vikings on Sunday. I took notes on what they said.

Coach Carroll:

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  • This was a terrific day for our club. Played a really good team that has been on the mark. There was a style match-up. Thrilled about the complete victory. Playing on the road this way start to finish is an accomplishment for this club. Really fun personally to come back and see all the guys he got to see (Bud Grant, Burnsy, Paul Waggan, guys from the old Vikings).

  • Really good day, defensively held the opposing offense to zero touchdowns and held a really good Adrian Peterson to very few yards. Don't know how you can expect a better day defensively.

  • Russell Wilson is preparing beautifully, he is really dialed in, his protection has been beautiful, his connection with his receivers is on it. When we can mix in our running game is suits him and allows us to play how we like.

  • Good carry-over playing the run from last week. Took it to hear the style of the Vikings run. Hard for them to stay with the running game as we got the score up, which we took advantage of.

  • Really exciting to see the rookies able to contribute in such a big way. Gonna need a lot more from them as we go down the stretch.

  • Wanted Frank Clark to play inside more, had worked on a lot earlier hoping it might work out. With Jordan Hill out, it was forced on us but happy with how it turned out. Happy to have that athleticism in there.

  • What's really exciting with Doug Baldwin is we aren't doing anything special, he is just always there ready to make a play and take advantage of his opportunities. He is playing great football and we love seeing it.

  • Has been a few weeks feeling how we are feeling. This is the feeling you are looking for, we have a chance. Sticking with our style, keeping our confidence. Need to see if we can keep it going next week.

  • We overcame penalties, came out hyped and made mistakes at the LOS, Tom Cable settled the guys down. Making the first downs is always impressive. Our ability to overcome that was big.

  • The protection is as good as we have seen it in a while, so Russell does what he does. He looks very very solid and comfortable when he gets his chances. When you protect him he is really tough to deal with.

  • Darrell Bevell is doing what he always done, Pete knows there has been talk but Bev is a great play-caller and play-designer. Everybody is feeling what is best for us, practicing it well and it is caring over into the games.

  • No injuries, zero.

Russell Wilson:

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  • Had a phenomenal week of practice, and it starts there. Came on the road in a tough environment. We were able to capitalize on opportunities, 3rd down and red zone, we were lights out.

  • Fun part of playing QB is asking "who gets the ball right now?" Collectively we have been playing better. Capitalized on our opportunities. Continuing to progress.

  • We haven't been that far off this season, a play here or a play there. We are all progressing. It is one game, that's a big thing, but we need to move on to the next week.

  • Don't think anything changed. We are just doing it a little bit better. We continue to believe in one another and practice hard. Collectively as a group everyone is fired up on the sidelines. Guys on the sidelines are fired up watching the other side of the ball play.

  • We are starting to put things together and it is showing up. When you put all the hard work in you want to see it. Think it is starting to show up a little bit. But it's one game, got more to go. Exciting in a tough environment we got the win against a tough team.

  • All offensive line (Russell play from the pocket). Allowing him to make his reads and the receivers are all over the place, tight ends too as well, running backs. Attribute that to the offensive line and guys making plays.

  • Trying to play the play. Think he is making a conscious effort for stepping up in the pocket. Doesn't want to take away the scramble part cause big plays come off of that. There is a happy medium. Play the play as it comes to you. Think we are doing a great job of that.

  • Definitely could feel the pressure when he got hit throwing the ball to Doug, but wanted to hang in there and make the throw. Doug said he thinks he ran the wrong route, but Russ says he did the right thing. Says he did a great job and got open. Doug is so clutch.

  • We had an aggressive attack mentality but played smart football when he ran in the TD but it was called back, saw the blitz coming on the next play, changed the play, receiver got open and made the throw.

  • It's a tribute to JS, PC and all the scouts and everybody believing in all the guys who are overlooked (low draft picks, UDFAs). They look for guys who are hungry to play football. It isn't just on the field but off the field, how they work in practice and their bond. When you love playing for one another and you love going to work with your coaches it is special. The character of the men in this room is special. And the fans, seeing all the 12's here in Minnesota, it is special.

  • Only thing that matters is next week.

  • Think we are playing at our standard, at a high level, playing for one another. Staying the course, believe in one another, believe in our coaches and our plays, can't get any more fun.

  • Anytime you don't have Marshawn Lynch you are going to miss him, he is one of a kind. Hopeful we can get him back at some point. Thomas Rawls has stepped up, Fred Jackson is a great veteran. Just continuing to build. Obviously we are missing Jimmy Graham too, praying for him, he is an unstoppable TE.

Relevant Tweets:

  • @johnpboyle The #Seahawks held Adrian Peterson to 18 yards on 8 carries. Just the fourth time in his career under 20 rushing yards.

  • @SheilKapadia Adrian Peterson's 18 yards were the third-lowest total of his career (span of 119 games). Totaled 1 yard before contact, per @ESPNStatsInfo.

  • @Softykjr Hawks out-gain Min 433-125.

  • @DavisHsuSeattle SEA could have hung 50 today if they wanted-

  • @Softykjr #1 rush offense in NFL held to 31 yards. Kudos to Kris Richard. Big day for him.

  • @Softykjr Tampa wins over Atlanta. Seahawks now with full game lead over Falcons and Bucs.

  • @evan_hill1 For the first time in franchise history, the Seattle Seahawks have a winning all-time record. 326 wins, 325 losses. Go Hawks.

  • @Softykjr Thomas Rawls 214 yards away from 1000. Needs to average 53.5 per game in final four.

  • @JacsonBevens Thomas Rawls is the 9th leading rusher in the NFL. He's only started five games.

  • @JacsonBevens NFL yards per carry leaders (min 80 carries): 1- T. Rawls, SEA (5.5) 2- R. Wilson, SEA (5.3) 3- D. Martin, TB (5.1) 4- G. Bernard, CIN (5.1)

  • @DavisHsuSeattle .@JacsonBevens and that RW YPC number has kneeldowns in it

  • @JacsonBevens Russell Wilson, last 3 games (NFL rank): 66-86 (76.7%, 1st) - 879 yards (10.2 Y/A, 1st) - 11 TDs (12.8 TD%, 1st) - 0 INTs (1st) - 148.2 rating (1st) + 95 rushing & a rushing TD.

  • @JacsonBevens Russell Wilson passer rating by receiver: Tyler Lockett - 140.7 , Doug Baldwin - 137.1 , Jermaine Kearse - 128 , Jimmy Graham - 112.7.... Incredible

  • @SheilKapadia Russell Wilson update: Last three games, 62-for-80 (77.5%) for 838 yards (10.5 YPA), 12 touchdowns (one rushing), no interceptions.

  • @JacsonBevens When targeting Tyler Lockett over the last 6 games, Russell Wilson is: 23-25 (92%) - 298 yards (11.9 Y/A) - 3 TDs - 0 INTs - 155.9 rating

  • @JacsonBevens Doug Baldwin has caught 88% of the passes thrown his way *for the season. Averaging 108 yards per game over the last month with 6 TDs.*

  • @gbellseattle Richard Sherman, are the #Seahawks now back? "We never felt like we were gone." Doug Baldwin: "We got our mojo back." #Seahawks

  • @RLiuNFL Thomas Rawls has the most rushing yards (711) by an undrafted player in his 1st 6 career NFL starts since the merger

  • @JaredStanger Kearse, with 0 catches, was just passed today in season receptions by Lock, who had 7. Now Lock 35, Kearse 29. Kearse is middle class player whose contract is up. This is the type of player Seattle allows to walk for comp picks.

  • @DavisHsuSeattle Hill just lost his spot to Clark- I mean- Hill has been quiet for weeks- Clark is coming on-Seahawks interior pass rush against PIT was....crickets.

  • @gbellseattle Earl Thomas "It felt like the Super Bowl game, the 1 against Denver" He's right: 38-7 win at MIN #Seahawks largest margin since SB48 Feb '14

  • @DavisHsuSeattle the Seahawks next 3 opponents scored a total of 19 POINTS today. Ravens scored 13, Browns scored 3, Rams scored 3.

  • @JacsonBevens Seahawks lead the NFL in yards per rush and are second in the NFL in yards per pass. Most efficient offense in the NFL on a per play basis.

  • @bcondotta Pete Carroll changed some things up this week, including showing a highlight tape to team last night that included clips of Seattle players during their college days. "By far one of the best football highlight tapes I've seen since I've been here,'' said Doug Baldwin.

My Thoughts:

  • Wow! Well, it happened like I said I thought it would. Their offense is AP with a sprinkling of their WR1 (Diggs) and TE (Rudolph). If you slow down AP or shut him down you force them to pass. They were ranked 31st in the NFL in the passing game. I didn't predict we'd score so high so fast that they would be forced to abandon the run even more to try to catch up.

  • My goodness, our rookies, Rawls, Clark, Lockett, they are just beasting out. Russell to Tyler is most likely the best connection in the NFL right now, Clark is coming on hot and Rawls is a monster! He is going to have 1,000 yards rushing this season.

  • Doug Baldwin my goodness...I think I saw that he is on pace for 1,000 yards and 10 TD's?! In this passing offense? Wow. So excited for him, the stats he is putting up, the high level of praise and recognition he is getting as a slot receiver in the national media.

  • This will be a hot take (so prepare yourselves): I think this team is better right now without Marshawn and Jimmy. Right now Bevell doesn't have to feed anyone anything. There is zero worry about not getting Marshawn his 20 touches or Jimmy his 5-10 targets. He has to force the ball to no one. He can call whatever play he wants, a run gets handed off to a hungry UDFA soldier who will do anything for the team and never complain or demand more touches. He can call plays that have the first read be any of his receivers cause they are all just soldiers who will do whatever it takes to win, even if that means 0 targets that game. (Don't get me wrong, I want him back for the playoffs, he is one of the best RBs in the playoffs ever).

  • I added that Jermaine Kearse tweet because it is my big negative about him; he disappears from games (has 4 games this season with 0 receptions). He is an average WR who comes up big/clutch in some big moments and we will always love and respect him for that. But game in and game out we need someone who shows up, someone more dynamic. I am thinking that is either Kevin Smith or Kasen Williams in 2016 (or maybe both).

  • I want so badly for Russell to break that 4,000 yards passing mark to become the first QB in franchise history to do it. Russ just needs 250.75 yards per game (4 left) to hit 4,000 yards passing. Would be first Seahawk QB ever to do so in franchise history. (Needs 1,003 yards).

  • Wow our defense, against the first ranked rushing team, against AP of all people, we held AP to 13 yards rushing, his 3rd lowest total in his career. That was a defensive shut out (TD came from ST). I think I am all for having Shead start at RCB the rest of the way and Frank start at DT (Hill's spot) the rest of the way too.

  • I have loved seeing Tyler do his thing on ST these past few games. He has really come back and started to get us starting field positions at the 30, 40, even 50 yard line. I would not be shocked to see him run in a special teams TD against one of these upcoming teams.

  • Something to keep your eye on (as @JaredStanger has pointed out); Since Shead started playing RCB (2.5 games) we have not given up a seam route TD to a TE.