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3000 NFL Mock Draft: 2016 prospect Miles Killebrew talks about rising up at a small school, Kam Chancellor, and more

You're gonna like this kid.

So far we've been doing 3000 NFL Mock Draft for 15 weeks, dating back to a week prior to the college football season, and we've had a few great guests along the way. But this week we had our first guest that could talk to us about being a college football player as it's still happening.

Southern Utah strong safety Miles Killebrew might not be a familiar name to you yet, but once the Senior Bowl and combine are through, you might have a hard time not envisioning him in a Seahawks uniform next season. Killebrew could very well end up measuring up as a bigger, faster version of Arizona Cardinals safety Deonne Bucannon, who went 27th overall in last year's draft. Keep in mind that only one player in Southern Utah history has ever been drafted, and that was a seventh round pick in 2014. (QB Brad Sorensen.)

That's how good Killebrew is as an athlete and how productive he was during his time at Southern Utah. (The first 20-30 seconds of audio came out wonky but cleans up after that.)

After talking to Killebrew, myself and Rob Staton spend another hour talking pretty much strictly about the Seahawks, the NFC, and a few other league-wide things, such as why the Panthers might have already peaked and could be the third-best team in the conference at this point.

Subscribe to the show on iTunes. Check out Rob's work at, including a write-up on Killebrew and why he actually could be a good fit for Seattle in the first round.