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Paul Richardson '50-50' for the PUP window

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

John Schneider was on the Mitch in the Morning Show on SportsRadioKJR this morning and gave a quick update on receiver Paul Richardson.

"His surgery went real well, which is crazy because I've never had a doctor tell me that a surgery didn't go well," said Schneider. "But no, his surgery went great, and he's such a freak athlete that I wouldn't put anything past him, but I think there's a 50/50 chance he goes into the PUP window, and we need to continue to address that position much like we do every other position."

50-50 is actually a better proposition than I would have guessed if you asked me how likely it is that Richardson is ready for next season's opener. So, I will take this as a positive.

"We don't look at this thing like, ‘What is your No. 1 need or No. 2 need?'" Schneider continued. "We're looking at this thing like, ‘How do we improve every position on a daily basis?' Then what does that look like a month from now or a year from now, and that's how we're doing it at the receiver position. That goes for every position."

The Seahawks won't be counting on Richardson to start the year, and they'll attack the receiver position in free agency and the draft. Carroll mentioned that he is excited to see what the team gets from Kevin Norwood and B.J. Daniels at that position next year, which is interesting, and right now it's looking like the Draft is pretty strong in that position group.