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Michael Robinson talks about Marshawn Lynch's future

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Will Marshawn Lynch retire? That's going to be the question we ask, probably for the next few months. Long story short?

"I don't know," says Marshawn's good friend Michael Robinson on Danny, Dave, and Moore. "I don't think Marshawn knows yet."

"The guy loves his teammates. He loves the City of Seattle. He loves the 12s, and what they bring to games, and how they kind of embody his style of play. That's what I do know. So, when you talk about whether he's going to retire? I don't think even he knows that."

As for a timeline? Mike Rob: "C'mon, man. It's Marshawn. I don't think he knew whether he was going to play last year until almost training camp. I mean, really, it's Marshawn."

"I don't know exactly what Marshawn is thinking," Robinson said on Wednesday's NFL Total Access. "I don't think anyone knows exactly what he's thinking. But what I do know is that the guys in that locker room mean the world to him. What I do know is that he's the best running back in National Football League. And what I also know is he is under contract next year."

"I cannot sit here 100 percent and say he will retire," Robinson said. Adding: "We talk about him saying 'I'm about that action.' It's not just about football. Go to that Oakland community. Go to the kids that he's servicing. Talk to those kids. ... That's what's really important to him. ... "

"This is a man of principle. He's a very private guy. When he sets his mind to something, that's what he believes in."