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Dan Quinn, Darrell Bevell postgame press conference quotes

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Seattle's two coordinators react to the tough loss in Glendale.


(on tipping his hat to Tom Brady's play tonight) "I did. I thought he played terrifically, especially towards the end of the game. One of the things we take great pride in is playing until the finish, so we had the lead and for them to come back on us, that's hard for us to accept. I have to tip my hat to them and the execution they had at the end. It was a terrific game against guys who fought as hard as you could possibly fight. My respect for the guys and for the players on both sides is enormous."

(on whether CB Jeremy Lane's injury changed what the Seahawks could to defensively) "Not necessarily. For him, what a terrific play to make coming out of the endzone. We were able to move Byron (Maxwell) inside. It's always hard when you don't have a lot of time and experience over two weeks of preparation, but fortunately for us, we've played Byron inside at nickel quite a bit, so I thought he did a terrific job inside working at it. We feel for Jeremy with the injury. His speed in the slot, is a really good tackler - all the things that he provides for us. And as a zone player he's got that quick physique and matchup with the guys. It was a hard one for us, but it didn't actually change how we called it."

(on whether New England targeted CB Tharold Simon when he went in on the outside) "I don't know that they targeted. Certainly, they featured a number of different guys. Their running back was a factor. Their tight end was a factor. They found different ways to match up with different guys. Not finishing for us, that's the hardest part."

(on whether losing DE Cliff Avril changed the game for Seattle) "That was a real factor. We thought we were going to get him back but then I know he went back inside. It's such a factor when you put him and Mike (Bennett) together. O'Brien (Schofield) fought like crazy and we gave him his opportunity but that was big for us."

(on how much he will miss these players) "I've had a great time with (Head) Coach (Pete) Carroll and all the things that he's taught us. All of us, we're so connected here with these guys."

(on whether they expected QB Tom Brady to throw so much) "Not necessarily. We expected then to come in and feature the run game as well. They're a hard team to prepare for because one game can be 12 or 13 runs and the next game is 44. So when you go against this team, you have to be prepared to go any number of different ways. The turnovers were a real factor for us. For Jeremy (Lane) and Bobby (Wagner) to get those and give the ball back to the offense. So, for us not to finish, that was the hardest part for us, really."

(on what changed in the fourth quarter for the Seattle defense) "When we came back, we featured a little more zone going into the third quarter, and then at the end they really lit us up and got hot. We tried a number of different things during both of those scoring drives, one that went for a touchdown and one for a field goal. We tried a number of different ones, and he hit all of them. So, certainly, when you go back through it - your calls - you could have made them differently, but we tried a variety of different ways, and I have to tip my hat to those guys and how well they executed."

(on whether this was his last game with Seattle) "I'd like to make everything tonight about our guys. In respect to this game, what a terrific game we were all just a part of. I'd like the focus to be all about our players, both teams. It was a terrific contest. You can see how hard guys played, and as a coach that's what you're looking for, a great effort from every single person. You see the guys in the locker room and you know they gave everything they had. You can't ask for more than that as a coach."

(on whether the players said anything to him in the locker room about his time with them) "It really wasn't a time with that. It was more about how we come to grips with it. It was such a hard, emotional time at the end. My respect for so many of these players is so high, and we're so connected. I really feel for them. They put everything they have into this. It's hard. So, really, that's what the conversations were about tonight."


(on the last play call) "You know it was a great ball game. These teams fought really hard. It came down to that situation again, and you know one thing maybe we should've been doing was to use all of the time. We wanted to be really conscious about how much time was on the clock. We wanted to be able to use it all. We wanted to use as much of it as we could. We had one time out left, so we ran it on first down and changed the personnel up quick from it. We had enough time to do that. We were trying to get a play where it wouldn't have ended in the field of play, so we could end up using the time and have all four downs as well."

(on if that goes for him and Pete Carroll and Tom Cable and everybody on the play call) "Well, you know I'm calling the plays, and I make the calls, unless Carroll tells me to do something different, but we communicate, we talk, and I make all of the play calls."

(on if he would do it differently) "I mean, shoot, it didn't turn out the way I hoped it would, and so of course I am sitting here saying could I do something different. There are 20 different things going through my mind about what I could do. I might see who could run it. Doesn't mean that's a score on that play, but we were just making sure that we were conscious of the time. We were making sure that we weren't leaving very much time for them as well. But we wanted to make sure that we got all of our options on the play."

(on if he has seen the play yet) "I haven't seen it. It happened so fast on the field I haven't even seen the play."

(on if Russell Wilson made the right read) "Yes, he made a great read. I thought he made a great read from what I was told upstairs and he put a good throw on it as well. He could've done a better job at staying strong through the ball, but you know the kid from New England made a great play."

(on Wilson's throw) "He did it exactly right."

(on if it was a tough situation in terms of space) "Well I mean we've been in that situation so much and we had a similar situation before the half. It was a great two-minute drive, 31 seconds or whatever it was, to get down the field and put a touchdown on it. It was another great drive right there at the end of the game to be able to get down to the 1-yard line. Obviously, we know the situation. Things do happen fast here in condensed space. We have great play calls. We have great guys that are orchestrating with Russell Wilson, with Marshawn Lynch, with other guys, that we understand the situation very well. So, it's something that we felt really comfortable with."

(on their success with wide receiver Chris Matthews and the adjustments that New England made agasint him in the second half) "They did make an adjustment. They did end up putting ‘BB' (cornerback Brandon Browner) over on him. We still threw it to him a couple of times, but there were so many things that we were trying to get to, so many adjustments that we were making. We were trying to run the ball. There was a little series in there where we went three and out. We didn't do a very good job of staying on the field. So it kind of just ended up that way."

(on talking about the interception on the field after the game) "We were talking about the play. We were trying to figure out what happened. We were trying to get information from upstairs, exactly where the throw was. It was more about that. We knew exactly where he went with the ball, why it went there. It was a good read. The kid from New England again made a good play."

(on not running the ball) "I mean that's an option. The one thing we were just talking about was we were trying to make sure that we were using all of the time. We only had one timeout as well so we were trying to do that and then with the throw, one thing is going to happen. It is either going to be incomplete or it's going to be a touchdown. So either way we had a chance to stop the clock there and then we could still end up getting all four of our plays."

(on Marshawn Lynch expressing his displeasure with the last play) "I mean there are a lot of guys that are upset. We came here to win a championship and we didn't get that so there are a lot of guys that are. Everyone all around the country is going to be questioning everything and all I know is that we played really hard. All of our guys fought really hard. Marshawn ran great. The defense played great. It was a hard-fought game. It came down to the one yard line and I mean I sit here and I wish it was different, but it didn't end up that way."

(on him making the call and if it came from somewhere else) "Yes. I made the call."

(on if it was supposed to be an inter-slant play )"No. It was exactly what he did."

(on running a different play in hindsight) "I mean in hindsight, if I knew the guy was going to pick it off, I'm going to do something different. I mean I don't think that's a very great question."

(on Russell Wilson jumping the play on that situation) "He made a great play. He really did. He drove hard. You know our guys have to go hard to the ball as well. He drove hard. He made a great play."

(on if anyone has done it like that before in that situation) "I'm sure. Football has been played for a long time."

(on if it has happened for him with that play before and if they run that play a lot) "Yes, the guy made a great play."

(on throwing it to the guy in that spot) "Yes, he's usually been the guy in that spot."

(on why it was thrown to the player in that spot in that formation) "He's one of our starting three guys. We had Jermaine Kearse in there, we had Doug Baldwin in there. We had them all in the spots exactly how the play would come off exactly was where we wanted them to be."

(on if that was the play call in the huddle) "That was the play call in the huddle."

(on if there was an option to change out of that call) "It was a great look. I mean from what we were looking to get it was a great look."