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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Monday

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What a ride! #WhatsNext

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Audibles at the Line: Super Bowl XLIX
Each Sunday, the FO staff sends around e-mails about the games that each of us are watching. We share information about the games that the rest of the group might not be watching, ask questions, and keep everyone else informed about which games they might want to turn into (if they can).

Marshawn Lynch not surprised by disastrous play call -
Marshawn Lynch didn't get the carry on the goal line to win the game. The Seattle Seahawks' running back wasn't surprised, because he knows football is a team sport.

Seahawks fall to Patriots in thrilling, back-and-fourth Super Bowl XLIX for the ages - Seattle Seahawks & NFL News

Butler's interception saves the Super Bowl for Patriots | - Sports
GLENDALE, Ariz. — The Seattle Seahawks were dethroned and Malcolm Butler became a Super Bowl legend because the undrafted rookie cornerback...

It's hard to understand Seahawks play call on goal line | - Sports
GLENDALE, Ariz. — The Seattle Seahawks needed one more yard for football immortality.One more yard, and the Seahawks would win an all-time...

Thiel: Pats knew Seahawks pass was coming | Sportspress Northwest
Belichick alerted Malcolm Butler, who blew it in practice, on the final, fateful play that crushed the Seahawks' bid for a second consecutive Super Bowl win.

Super Bowl 49: Pete Carroll's decision astonishing, explanation perplexing -
Pete Carroll's decision to not give Marshawn Lynch the ball at the 1-yard line with Super Bowl XLIX on the line will confound football observers for decades to come.

Takeaways from Super Bowl XLIX - Feb. 1, 2015 | SPORTS RADIO KJR
The Seattle Seahawks came 1-yard shy of winning their second Super Bowl and lost it in spectacular fashion.

Post-game impressions of a true heartbreaker | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Here are some post-game impressions from Jayson Jenks and Bob Condotta of a loss that is about as much of a punch in the gut as one can be.

Question that will follow (haunt) Seahawks forever: Why not Lynch? | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
Marshawn Lynch had just run four yards behind Russell Okung to the Patriots’ 1-yard line. The Seahawks had 1:06 left, trailed by four late in Super Bowl 49 but were a mere yard from taking the lead. They began letting the clock roll to keep New England’s Tom Brady from getting the ball back in regulation.

Rapid Reaction: Seattle Seahawks - ESPN
A few thoughts on the Seattle Seahawks' 28-24 loss Sunday to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX at University of Phoenix Stadium:

Super Bowl XLIX: Best, worst moments for Patriots, Seahawks - ESPN
Super Bowl XLIX, which appropriately featured the best two teams in football, was a pick 'em at kickoff. The score was 14-14 at the half.

Doug Baldwin on the last call: 'We all were surprised' - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Observed and heard inside the Seahawks' interview room after their 28-24 loss to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl XLIX:

One play changed big comeback into a nightmare for Russell Wilson - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Russell Wilson was one play and 1 yard from doing what he has done so many times before: find a way to win at the end.

Seattle Seahawks ponder how close they came - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Earl Thomas sat at his locker with his head hanging his hands. The Seattle Seahawks safety didn't move; he just stared into the locker. Thomas' teammates hurried past him, already showered and dressed, ready to put Sunday behind them and get back to Seattle.

Not handing off to Lynch the indefensible part of Seahawks' loss - Seattle Seahawks | 710 ESPN Seattle
After throwing an interception from the 1-yard line in the final moments of the Super Bowl, the question remains why the Seahawks didn't hand off to Marshawn Lynch instead. - Blog - 710 ESPN Seattle

Jeremy Lane's early exit leads to a long night for Tharold Simon - Seattle Seahawks | 710 ESPN Seattle
Jeremy Lane's interception of Tom Brady ended a Patriots scoring threat, but it also knocked the nickelback out for the game, pressing Tharold Simon into action for what would be a long night. - Blog - 710 ESPN Seattle

Chris Matthews breaks out for Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX
Seahawks wide receiver Chris Matthews recorded his first NFL catch and first NFL touchdown in Super Bowl XLIX against the New England Patriots.

A somber Bruce Irvin sorry for incident at end of Super Bowl: ‘It was uncalled for, I apologize’ | Q13 FOX News

Instant reaction: Seahawks lose Super Bowl to Patriots | Seahawks Draft Blog
With under 30 seconds to go, Bill Belichick decided this was going to be it. Seattle’s offense vs New England’s defense.

Source says Seahawks hope to extend Lynch’s contract | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
That the team appears ready to keep the running back beyond 2015 is a turnaround from where things appeared to stand with him before the season.

Wilson: ‘I put the blame on me’ | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
After throwing an interception at the goal line to cement the Patriots’ Super Bowl victory, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson says of his New England counterpart Tom Brady, “I want to be that guy one day.”

Tom Brady a calming influence on Patriots teammates during late scoring drive | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
The quarterback led the offense on a 10-play, 64-yard touchdown drive that put New England ahead of the Seahawks late in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.

Grading the Game: Seahawks’ goal-line interception overshadows solid performances vs. Patriots | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
If it was the most stunning win in Seattle history that got them to the Super Bowl, it’s the most shocking loss in Seattle history that cost them. A yard away from a second straight Super Bowl title, Russell Wilson threw one of the most inexplicable interceptions in NFL history.

Chris Matthews’ big Super Bowl game is bittersweet | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
Rookie Chris Matthews, who had never caught a pass in an NFL game, led the Seahawks with four receptions and 109 yards. But the 28-24 loss to the Patriots made it bittersweet.

Seahawks at loss to explain what happened in final, frantic 2 minutes of Super Bowl defeat | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
A yard away from Super Bowl history, the Seattle Seahawks indeed made some.

Stunned Seahawks fans can’t believe magic ended in Super Bowl | Sports | The Seattle Times
Seahawks fans couldn’t believe a 28-24 loss to the New England Patriots ended their remarkable run to Super Bowl XLIX. “I’m ready to cry right now,” said one fan.

Super Bowl trophy yanked from Seahawks’ hands | Larry Stone | The Seattle Times
The Seahawks were a yard away from a second Super Bowl victory, but a pass by Russell Wilson was intercepted and the team’s anticipated celebration turned into a shocking defeat.

Not handing off to Lynch the indefensible part of Seahawks' loss - Danny, Dave and Moore | 710 ESPN Seattle
Football is said to be a game of inches.

Seahawks lost because of the worst call in Super Bowl history | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
The Seahawks blew a chance to make Super Bowl history with another improbable comeback because of an inexplicable decision to pass instead of handing the ball to Marshawn Lynch.

GLENDALE, Ariz.: John McGrath: What in the world were Carroll, Bevell thinking? | John McGrath | The News Tribune
The question will haunt the Seattle Seahawks for as long as they are the Seattle Seahawks. What were the Seahawks thinking?

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman may need Tommy John surgery - ESPN
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman played Super Bowl XLIX with torn ligaments in his left elbow that may require Tommy John surgery in the off season, according to a source.