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Seahawks injury update: Richard Sherman needs Tommy John surgery, Jeremy Lane, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor banged up

Nearly the entire Legion of Boom needs offseason surgery, but Pete Carroll said he doesn't except that work to impact play next season.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll met with the media briefly this morning to give an update on where things stand for the Seahawks after a gut-punch loss in the Super Bowl. Carroll confirmed the reports floating around that Richard Sherman will need Tommy John surgery on his elbow and also confirmed what we all already knew: Jeremy Lane suffered a "significant" broken arm in in the game. Lane will need a couple days before he can have surgery, ostensibly waiting for swelling to go down.

Update: Ian Rapoport reports that Lane's injury was compound fractures to both wrist bones. The term "compound fracture" means that the bone breaks through the skin, so if this ends up being true, it's obviously it's a very tough injury for Lane (though per Carroll, doesn't mean he'll miss any of next season).

As for Sherman, Tommy John surgery is common for pitchers in baseball and often leads to long stints out of action, but Carroll said that he doesn't expect Sherman to miss time next season. The Seahawks' head coach also mentioned that Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor may need surgery over the offseason -- Earl for his shoulder, and I haven't seen what injury Carroll referenced about Kam but I'd guess it'd be his knee. Earl is waiting on surgery to get a second opinion but it's likely that four members of the L.O.B. will be healing up for extended periods of time over the offseason.

Byron Maxwell, the only starter to make it through the season relatively unscathed, will now test the free agent waters.