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Pete Carroll says Seahawks have "big offers" out there for Marshawn Lynch

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks' head coach Pete Carroll addressed the media today in Indianapolis and one of the subjects he broached was Marshawn Lynch's ... status. Lynch remains in a limbo of sorts, he's still under contract but has been told by the Seahawks that they want to reward him with a new contract. However, Seattle doesn't know if Marshawn Lynch even wants to play, which has hindered the completion of the negotiations.

"I haven't talked to Marshawn," said Carroll, "but, we have been, in earnest, negotiating with Marshawn to get him back with us in every way that we can. It's been an ongoing process -- we've had big offers out there, we continue to work with that, and we're excited about the future. He's been an integral part of our program for five years, and we've loved the contribution that he's brought. He's been a great character in the program, and all of that. We're excited to move ahead; we'd really like to move at that swiftly. It's such a big deal, as it has always been, to get our lead players intact. So, we'll work at that."

So, no real update, in reality. It's notable that Carroll called them "big offers," which is, of course, subjective. But, it sounds like the Seahawks are willing to give Lynch a raise as long as he's willing to play in 2015. We shall see.