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Is Tharold Simon the next member of the Legion of Boom to need surgery?

There's no official word on Tharold Simon at this point, but it looks like the Seahawks' corner needs to, at best, rehabilitate a shoulder injury he suffered late in the season.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Earl Thomas had surgery on a torn shoulder labrum on Tuesday and it's looking like yet another member of the Legion of Boom may have or already has gone under the knife this offseason.

As Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune noted at the Combine, Pete Carroll told a group or reporters that the Seahawks will "have to see what is going on with Tharold (Simon), with his shoulder." This was an allusion to possible surgery, and going off of what Kam Chancellor and Tharold are talking about on Twitter, it looks likely the soon-to-be third year corner also will need/has had work done on his shoulder.

Simon suffered a shoulder dislocation in December, played through it, and after surrendering a touchdown in the Super Bowl, collided with a flying Earl Thomas and appeared to grab at his shoulder again. He ended up playing through the injury in that game as well (there wasn't much choice), but was exploited in coverage of both Brandon LaFell and Julian Edelman.

After having a very solid showing during the regular season, Simon struggled in the Playoffs and gave up four touchdown passes -- two in the Carolina game, and two in the Super Bowl. Obviously not the way you want to end the season, but one has to wonder if the injury was a factor. Earl Thomas' shoulder injury seemed to limit his effectiveness in the Super Bowl as well.

Regardless, the Seahawks are banged up. To recap, Jeremy Lane needs surgery on his wrist and knee and will almost surely be out to begin next season, Earl Thomas just had surgery on his shoulder and his rehab time puts him right back into the beginning of the 2015 season, and Tharold Simon appears to be getting some work done on his shoulder, which could put his recovery out into that time period around the beginning of the season as well. Cornerback is a strong need for Seattle right now, obviously.

The good news, though, is that Carroll also recently announced that Richard Sherman (elbow) and Kam Chancellor (knee) will not need offseason surgery, so the Seahawks have that going for them, which is nice.

Please note: Still no official word on Simon so for now this is just speculative. Perhaps the recovery that Kam Chancellor is talking about will be much shorter than that of Thomas and his labrum operation.