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Real in the Field Gulls: Seahawks podcast with guest Rob Staton

Rob Staton (pronounced Stay-ton, like "When I say Marcus Mariota is good, I'm Staton the obvious!") of Seahawks Draft Blog stops by in our third installment of the podcast to talk about this year's class of running backs, cornerbacks, and the likelihood of the Seahawks trading down again this year. Danny Kelly also gives his insights into his week at the NFL combine and having drinks with Pete "the enemy" Prisco.

If you want to get the "Real in the Field" podcast on your damn cellular telephones every week, then you can subscribe to the "Field Gulls podcast" on the podcast app for iPhones and somewhere on them iTunes. We are doing this every Thursday and it should pop up sometime every Thursday afternoon if you are subscribed. You can also download the mp3 file from BlogTalkRadio or just listen on the YouTube like what's attached here in this post.

Now press play.