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Marshawn Lynch talks to Turkish media about final Super Bowl play

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Marshawn Lynch joined Turkish Media for about a half-hour to talk about his Fam 1st Family foundation, the Super Bowl, and American Football Without Borders, a non-profit founded by former Seahawk Breno Giacomini. If you can stand to listen to Lynch and others talking behind Turkish voice-overs, here's the actual video.

Thankfully, Eric Edholm at Yahoo transcribed a portion of it, including Lynch's reaction to losing the Super Bowl (comes at the 20 minute mark).

"To be honest with you, I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I was expecting the ball. Yes, I was expecting the ball. But in life, these things happen. Like I told a reporter after the game, it's a team sport.

"I had no problem with the decision of the play-calling. I mean, you know ... I think it was more of a ... how do I say this? When you look at me, and you let me run that ball in ... I am the face of the nation. You know, MVP of the Super Bowl ... that's pretty much the face of the nation at that point of time.

I don't know what went into that call. I mean, maybe it was a good thing that I didn't get the ball. I mean, you know, it cost us the Super Bowl. I mean, I have full ... I have full confidence in my teammates to execute that plan because we've done it so many more times. But would I love to had the ball in? Yes, I would have.

"But the game is over, and I am in Turkey."

Lynch's comments are vague and implicit, so I'll just let you interpret them as you will.

They do, however, seem to support this notion that the Seahawks wanted Russell Wilson to be the MVP of the game.