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Cigar Thoughts Broadcast: Free Agency

Jacson, Brent, and Matt discuss the additions of Jimmy Graham, Cary Williams, and Will Blackmon, as well as the losses of Max Unger and Byron Maxwell.

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We're back. After a long, cathartic post-Super Bowl break, I'm rejoined by Brent Cole, the editor and founder of What's Up Magazine as well as Matt Nichols, former All-Conference center and National Championship winner at Pacific Lutheran University.

Today we discuss, among other things:
*Jimmy Graham
*Cary Williams
*Will Blackmon
*Max Unger
*Byron Maxwell
*Free agency

As always, a huge thanks to the Cigar Lounge at Silver Reef for the opportunity, support, promotion, and hospitality. No way we could do it like this without you. To the video!

Cigar Thoughts at the Cigar Lounge Free Agent Freny Edition from Lummi Communications on Vimeo.

My article on the Jimmy Graham acquition can be found HERE.

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