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Marshawn Lynch involved in scuffle outside San Francisco bar

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The Seahawks running back was forced to step in and help break up fight after he was called a "Sea Chicken."

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes and Marshawn Lynch not being well-liked in San Francisco. Unfortunately, we saw the ugly result of that as Lynch was caught up in a brawl outside of a San Francisco bar on Friday night.

The Seahawks running back did not appear to be directly involved in the fight, however. From the TMZ video (because who else would have footage of it?), Lynch appears to be trying to pull one of his friends out of the fight. Eyewitnesses said Lynch did throw some punches, but there's no evidence in the video to fully support that.

The fight began when a drunk man, quite possibly a 49ers fan, was taunting Lynch, calling him a Sea Chicken. If you've ever talked football with a 49ers fan and bring up the Seahawks, you know this is a common attempt at an insult towards the Seahawks.

At that point, one of Lynch's friend snapped and went after the instigator, sparking a brawl in the middle of the sidewalk. The video begins partway through the fight, but it appeared to end rather quickly. Lynch and his friends then get into a black SUV parked in the street, while the drunk man continues to bark back at them.

Nothing will likely come of this incident as there's no evidence that Lynch was involved in any way other than trying to pull his friend out of the fight. Had there been clear punches thrown by Lynch that were caught on camera, it might be a different story. Instead, this just seems like a classic case of someone needing to deal with that one dramatic friend we all have that wants to fight everyone in the bar.