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Jimmy Graham trade official

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Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

According to a tweet by Paul Allen, Max Unger has passed his physical and the trade sending Jimmy Graham to Seattle is complete and official.

You can read into this or not, but the way that Allen worded this tweet was that in effect the Jimmy Graham trade was for a 1st round pick, and the Max Unger trade was for a 4th rounder. Allen tweeted that Graham was officially a part of the Seahawks on Wednesday so that would support this thought. The official notice of the trade makes it look like it was one package deal, for what it's worth.

Not that it's a huge difference (and may have just been Seahawks protecting themselves in the case that Unger were to fail his physical), but if these were in fact two distinct trades, does thinking of these transactions as two separate trades change your opinion on it/them?

Either way, it's now official.