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John Schneider confirms that Jesse Williams will re-sign with Seahawks

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Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The Seahawks will re-sign defensive tackle Jesse Williams, Seattle GM John Schneider told reporters at the NFL Owners Meetings in Arizona. This follows a previous report out of Australia by the Brisbane Courier-Mail that quoted Williams about his return to the team, but after Williams took to Twitter to denounce that report and newspaper, it was very unclear as to Williams' status with Seattle.

Regardless, it looks like he is indeed returning to the Seahawks.

"The club has restructured my contract and I'll be heading back in two to three weeks," Williams was quoted in The Brisbane Courier-Mail. "It's been good to come back in the off-season and catch up with my family and friends. I'll keep training while I'm home before going back to camp and back to work."

The restructure is for a "split-contract" format, that has built in protection for the Seahawks if Williams ends up on the IR again, and is based on Williams' great injury risk.

The native Australian and former Alabama standout was widely projected as a first- or early-second round player coming out, but his knee medicals apparently caused his fall into the fifth (in hindsight, they were correct to do so).

He has missed the first two years of his career to knee injuries after being selected in the fifth round of the 2013 draft. After being released last week, the assumption was that his knees did not heal up enough during his rehab last year, but this seems to refute that thought. "I'm all good now," Williams said. "I have had a few minor knee surgeries but I think it has been taken a bit out of context by the media."

Again, the Seahawks will hope Williams can re-gain some of the power and ability he displayed at Alabama and become a nice member of the defensive line rotation. Right now, it's tough to project much for this season because Williams has missed his first two seasons with injuries, but on paper, it's intriguing.